Thursday, August 19, 2010

Exercise, Zumba and Meditation

The past few evenings I've been trying to keep myself occupied so I don't feel so utterly alone. I mean, I've gone to the gym, even started taking Zumba classes (which are utterly amazing and SO much fun, I'd like to add) just so that I'm not sitting around the house twiddling my thumbs. I had said that I was going to focus my energy on me and that's what I'm attempting to do now. I don't mind going to the gym by myself- it's actually better that way because then I can stay however long or short I want. And the exercise makes me feel better all around- makes me happier, makes me feel healthier, look better, have better self-confidence. I think I'm going to like this "me" time I'm investing into.

As for Zumba, tonight was my first class. My friend and I went to a place a few towns over. The class was held in a dance studio and it was a ton of fun! Everyone was really nice and even though most everyone knew the routines already, it was still an enjoyable time for us newbies as well. I can't wait to go back. I'm sure I'm going to be beyond sore tomorrow but I don't care- I had fun! I also picked up the studio's fall semester schedule and there's a beginning jazz dance class I would love to take as well, though doing Zomba 2-3 times a week, on top of the gym is probably going to kill me haha.

I've heard people say that exercise can make you feel happier but I guess I never really experienced it for myself until now. Now that I'm not stressing over certain things *cough men cough* it's easier for me to enjoy my workouts. I just put on some rocking music and get down to business or turn on the television and before I know it, I've been working out for over an hour! Friggin sweet! Now I think I just need to work in some meditation into my day.

I took a meditation class in college and it didn't go so well. I mean, I like being able to sit and relax and just breath but I have two huge problems when it comes to meditation:
1. I cannot get my mind to shuttup! My thoughts always start out being focused on a word or a color or a scene and then they pole jump from topic to topic and I get lost in my thoughts. ANdI try to bring myself back to a focal point but a few minutes later, the same thing happens. Correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the assumption that when meditating, one was supposed to be able to quiet the mind and free it from all thought. If so, I fail. Epically.
2. If my mind is not jumping from one lily-pad of thought to another, it's because I fell asleep. I just get too relaxed I guess and I drift off (probably from the sheer exhaustion of trying to reign in my thoughts). It was actually rather embarrassing to be caught snoring when I was supposed to be meditating. Ugh.

Oh well, I suppose like all things, it will take some practice. Maybe I can find a guided meditation and follow that for awhile before trying a quieter, more focused one. Here's hoping!


BLAM said...

Your thoughts and insights on all of this are very interesting. I kind of went through a similar time the last few months. Hope you don't mind me subscribing!

CupCake said...

I appreciate that :) And I'm glad you subscribed! I hope you don't mind that I subscribed to you as well. I enjoy your photography and the things you post- especially that blog about the books you found that you had made when you were a little kid. So adorable!