Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don't Rain on My Parade

Sorry for not updating last night. We had a winter wonderland of a storm hit during the show, so I stayed at a friends house. The same thing happened tonight, but it wasn't nearly as bad of a storm so I made my way home for the evening.

I will be honest, I'm probably not going to update my food and exercise for the past two days:
1. because most everything is essentially the same.... at least exercise-wise and
2. because I feel like crap and am in a rotten and foul mood.

So, I apologize in advance for my ranting and lack of happiness and sun-shiny brightness. As soon as I return to a healthy physical state, I'm sure my mood will lift as well.

I am angry. Not just because I'm sick and feel awful, but because in being sick I couldn't finish my 5 miles for the week and Lord only knows if I will be able to run any day soon. Also, I'm missing out on being able to bond with my cast mates. Everyone went out tonight for a cast members birthday and I had to scuttle home and hide in quarantine. Granted, this was my own decision and I probably wouldn't change it, I don't want to give people what I've got because it is not fun. Besides passing along my plague (as we can all plainly see) when I'm sick, I'm rotten and mean and have a very short fuse. No one deserves that kind of personality to be around on their birthday... or even just in general. It has nothing to do with my friends, family, or anything besides me. I'm just mad at myself for getting sick and having to be in quarantine. Sounds crazy... probably is. Don't care.

I'm not going to harp on "oh woe is me" because no one wants to hear that shit and as I said before, this is of my own choosing. just wanted to clarify why I will not be doing my usual update tonight.
For now, I've taken multiple cough meds, a flu med and an Advil PM. I have Halls and Vicks by my side should I happen to wake up out of the medically-induced coma I'm about to embark on. See you all in a few days hopefully.

P.S. I wonder how many calories are in the medicines I just took. Will find out late. Peace!

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wojoku said...

Don't worry about not meeting your 5 mile goal. I've set two mileage goals thus far and each were immediately shattered by either illness or injury; it comes with the territory. You won't make it every week; it's only the attempt that matters. Don't let it get you down, get better, and come back with a vengeance next week.

The cast will certainly be going out over the next five weeks, so there will be plenty more "festivities" to partake in. The important part is that you get better.

Hope you're feeling better soon!