Thursday, March 24, 2011

Danbury 5k

Ok, I did it. Officially. I registered for a 5k run at the end of April. I made this decision all on my own and I'm rather proud of myself. I mean, I was planning on running a few 5ks and some other various road races before my half marathons in October, but I wasn't planning on running one so soon. Now I am... and HERE it is. It is the Running for Life 5k in Danbury and it's for a great cause- Fitness! To quote the online summary, "The race is organized by Athletes of Christ of Danbury. It is a local non-profit organization leading athletes to maturity through the universal language of sports. We believe people engaged in sports activities are more likely to lead healthy lives... We are proud to say that we will be donating half of the net proceeds to Danbury Hospital." Hooray!

My friend Chris registered last night for the ING Half. I've got to do that as well (have to wait for payday though). I'm nervous and excited for these upcoming races. I'm hoping that, for the 5k, my time will have dropped by at least a few minutes. My first, and only, 5k I did in 47 minutes. In retrospect, I was SO not ready to run that event, but I'm glad I did it anyway. Hopefully this time around I will be able to run more of the miles before I have to stop to walk. In reality, I'd love to NOT have to stop, but we will see how I continue to progress over the next few weeks.

I went running last night. Did a short 30 minutes on the treadmill as the weather outside hasn't decided if it's going to stay winter or finally, once and for all, turn to spring yet. (It was snowing out as I went into the gym yesterday. Really? Snow?! Ugh.) I managed to run 2.25miles in my 30 minutes. I had the treadmill on a slight incline of 1.5 while running. My plan is to try and start strengthening my legs and getting them used to running an incline so I don't die the next time I face a hill. I know 1.5 isn't a lot, but I have to start somewhere, right?

Anyway, it was a good run. I felt good throughout it and only had to stop and walk for 3 minutes. Every time I felt myself starting to hunch forward, I would mentally activate my core (which for some odd reason, made me think of Captain Planet every time- like I was holding my ring with the others "Earth!" "Fire!" "Water!" "Core!"- and I would giggle) and get myself to stand up straight again. I kind of stole the idea from Just Trying Is For Little Girls- in one of her posts she talked about reminding herself that she needs to run with her core, as well as her legs. And it helped her push through some tough spots. I have to say, it definitely does help.

Today is my cross training day, but I may do a short run as well. I know I'm not supposed to mix the two but I kind of want to. I would spread them out of course! I may go for a short run (2 miles) before work this afternoon and then later tonight, after my performance, I will hit the gym and do some elliptical and cycling.

Has anyone else ever combined a run with cross training? If so, how did your body feel? If not, how come?

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FruitFly said...

I pretty much have non-existent cross-training. I want to change that a little though - but I'm fine with not being some hard core fitness machine. I'm not trying to be a rock hard body that can do marathons. I just like racing and having fun with the whole atmosphere. So basically, I can't answer your question!

Congrats on signing up for the race! I love registering almost as much as I love actually racing!