Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Genius Ideas

So remember how I had that brilliant idea to run to the local library because I had some books that needed returning? Well, turns out, that wasn't a very well-thought out endeavor. I guess even when one comes up with such a stupid genius idea, there are still going to be a few minor flaws in one's plan, such as: how will one carry the books while running? My answer: Put them in a back pack of course! Makes sense, doesn't it? I figured this would be a suitable option as I was only returning a few children's books, not anything extremely heavy like War and Peace or anything crazy like that. However, I forgot that when combining all of the small, light-weight books into one location, the various weights of the books add together to form a rather hefty load- about 10 pounds to be exact.

Yes, my friends, I ran the first half of my run yesterday with about 10lbs of books strapped to my back. And although I had made sure to tighten the straps as much as I could, the backpack wouldn't stay in place. It kept swinging from side to side- almost like I had a small child strapped to my back who was trying to dance with me (though that would probably have been much more adorable and less of a pain in my ass, literally). Not only was my bag trying to waltz with me the entire way to the library, but as I continuously kept turning down it's advances, it every now and again would slap me in the behind.... just in case I forgot it was there. I ended up having to grip the straps the entire time I ran so the bag would stop it's swinging and stay closer to my body.

On top of running with a rather frisky bag, I was running uphill for part of the second mile... and all of this was while running INTO the wind. Can a girl get a break?! I mean, honestly. As much as I enjoy the wind keeping me cool, trying to run against it is so NOT conducive to trying to make my goal time. Once I unloaded all of my books, I felt SO much better. My return run was partially down hill, and with 10lbs less on me, I felt like I could run almost the entire way. In actuality, I ended up walking the last mile because somewhere between the dancing bag, running into the wind, and my freedom I managed to pull my groin muscle.

When I got home, I immediately did some butterfly stretches and sprayed on some Icy Hot (I LOVE that stuff!). It's still a little sore today but feeling better. Thankfully, today is a cross training day so my poor, abused body can rest a bit. I did 42 minutes on the elliptical plus some arm and ab work. My legs are not happy with me currently but I honestly don't care. They're going to have to get used to it sooner or later.

As you can see, I have changed the name of my blog. Kurt and I were discussing it and we think that although Cupcake Confessions was a fantastic name, Bigger Girls Can Too is much more on topic (considering that running has slowly but surely enveloped my life).

However, I am sad that now some of my gadgets don't work correctly. My "Followers" gadget says that it is not functioning and I have no idea how to fix it. I have deleted and re-added it to no avail. And there is no helpful information in the Help section. *Sadness* If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I will just have to leave that off my page (and I really don't want to do so).


Chelsea said...

First of all, your writing style is hilarious and your frisky backpack had me laughing out loud. Second, kudos for running with ten pounds of uppity books on your back! Third of all, I love that you changed your name to be something about running, but you are shedding lbs like whoa and your title should not be "bigger girls" it should be awesome girls! I heart you, you are amazing. If I ever had the discipline to blog, which I never will because I have attention span, I would call mine "Running amok." Feel free to use ;-)

Chelsea said...

* no attention span