Thursday, March 31, 2011

I May Be Getting In Over My Head

I've been sensing a theme in people's conversations lately- cycling.
I know a lot of people are training for triathlons and the weather is getting nicer so people are more likely to be doing outdoor activities, so cycling seems like a natural topic of conversation.
Kurt at Becoming An Ironman has already competed in a few tri's and my friend Chelsea is training for her first tri. Amanda at 5 Miles Past Empty had a rather scary biking accident today. She is, thankfully, no worse for the wear (read about it HERE) and I hope that her injuries get better soon. Her story almost put me off riding for a bit, but I've taken a nice tumble or two myself and I know that getting back on is the hardest part, so power to her!

Chelsea recently just bought a bike and today was discussing purchasing a bike rack. She said she was going to get a 3 bike rack (because it was oddly cheaper) and said I should get a bike as well (so she had a valid reason for having a 3 bike rack). Kurt decided to climb aboard the persuasion train and continued to let me know what great cross training benefits I could get by riding my bike. So, in lieu of the fact that I am indeed losing my mind, I am now considering getting a bike to ride. My sister's fiance gave her a bike last summer that she never used, so I may try and dig that one up.

I would love to ride tomorrow but apparently it is still winter-time in CT and we are going to be getting SNOW. That's right- SNOW! "But, isn't it the beginning of April?" You may be asking yourself. Well, funny thing that- it's been rumored that Mother Nature may have sent out a memo and I came across it (with the help of a insider). Allow me to read it for you:

To: All Employees/Humans/Animals/Vegetation
Please be advised-
Snow is here to stay. 
Suck it. 

Mother Nature

Now, I agree, that wasn't a very nice memo, but at least it explains the weather.

In other news, my friend Chris found another 5k for us to run. This one is on May 7th (yes, I know, it is Mother's Day Weekend. But, what better way to say 'I love you, mom' than running 3.1 miles) and it is for Breast Cancer (see it HERE). The race is right across the street from Chris's apartment so I don't have to worry about parking, or where I am going to collapse afterward. Double sweet! So, that's two 5k races so far, now I just need to find a 10k or two to do and I am good to go! Hooray!


FruitFly said...

I haven't been riding any bikes - so you're not alone! ;) If anything I guess in some crazy world I could do a duathlon with just running and biking - but this girl will never be a competitive swimmer. I have yet to pass a swimming test ... EVER!

CupCake said...

I am with you there! I am so NOT a swimmer, which is kind of funny since I used to practically live in the water when I was a kid. Though, I suppose that playing Mermaid is much different then actually swimming laps.

If I can get myself on a bike and train on that it would be fun, but unless I can doggy paddle the swimming portion, I will not be able to do a tri ever.