Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vacation... In a Way

I apologize for disappearing this week. 

It's been hectic to say the least. I am leaving in about 7 hours to drive down to North Carolina for my 5 year college reunion (SOOO EXCITED!!) and trying to get everything lined up, like who to see when, etc, etc, took up most of my time this week. So, once again, my apologies!

I also ended up taking most of this week off from training. Sunday through yesterday, my right knee was super tight and bothering me. I kept heating it and stretching it and decided not to do much running so it could mend. I have another 5k race next Saturday, along with the fact that come May 1st I start my rigorous training for the half (you mean, these past few months have been easy?!), so I wanted to take the time now, while I could, to rest it up and let it heal.

Not much really to update other than, besides being busy, I had a great week at work. I started rehearsals for a gala event at a theatre (we are singing some fun songs!) and I got to spend time with my family.
Just so y'all are aware, I am not taking my computer down to North Carolina with me, so I will be gone through Sunday. I do intend on running while I'm down there though, so I will be sure to update everyone when I get back.

Happy Race Day to everyone running this weekend!
Best of luck!!

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Wells L said...

Safe travels and have a great time. Rest is always a good thing - especially if something hurts or you're about to start "real training" (that' what I always call my half marathon training schedules).