Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mine Eyes Have Seen Some Crazy Stuff

Today was a relatively interesting day. It was really warm and humid (something of which I am not a fan of- I much prefer a nice, breezy 70 degrees to the muggy 90 degrees it was outside). I had to work a lunch program and was home by 2pm. I was out running by 2:30. I had intended on going running so I made sure to drink plenty of water beforehand (4 glasses to be exact) and I downed my PowerBar Vanilla energy gel to give myself some electrolytes. The vanilla flavor was kind of weird in gel form. I think I was expecting it to taste more like frosting and less like goey stuff. it also didn't help that I managed to spill it all over my hands (love having sticky hands as I run). But, it definitely helped. Around 2.75 miles I could feel the heat starting to get to me so I had to slow down my pace. It would have probably been much worse without the energy gel though.

The first 1.5 miles was pretty easy and I finished in about 23minutes. y entire run was 3 miles and it took me a little over 45 minutes. Not my best time, but not my worst either. I was taking a slow pace for multiple reasons:

1. I wanted to focus more on endurance than speed as this was a maintenance run
2. It was REALLY frigging hot out!!

I did see some rather odd and intriguing things during my run today though. First, as I was crossing my half mile marker, a man passed me on a bike. That's a normal thing, right? Well, what if the guy was riding his bike while holding an AC unit on the handle bars? Slightly odd, yes? Power to him for being able to do it because I wouldn't and he is most definitely saving on gas. I applaud you random biker man. I mentioned this siting on Facebook and one of my friends told me that during the Madagascar unrest she saw 4 men running down the street all carrying a refrigerator on their backs. Crazy! I've henceforth decided that there needs to be an ultra-marathon where people have to run carrying some sort of household appliance- television, AC, fridge, etc. I may call it the "Moving Out Marathon" or possibly the "Running with Crazy Shit Race".

Oh! I have some rather exciting news! On Facebook I liked a company called Zico. They make coconut water, of which I am a HUGE fan (seriously, it's SO yummy!). On their page they were having a Pledge posting where they were encouraging people to post things they would like to do/change/etc. If they like your pledge, they will send you vouchers for 12 bottles on free coconut water. 
Guess whose pledge they chose?! 
This Kid's!!! 

 I feel like such a celebrity!

So, as soon as I get my vouchers in, I will be doing another give away. 
I love coconut water and I am willing to share some with my wonderful readers
Also, don't forget, my current Bondi Band give away is still open for entries, but not for much longer! 
Enter HERE!


Wells L said...

I'm totally with you - 60s and 70s are GREAT 90s SUCK! I'm glad you went out and did it - there's a whole lotta peepes who didn't! Great job. OHHH I LOVE ME SOME COCO H2o!!!! Congrats on being a celeb!!! And by the way, look at your with 48 followers - great job girl!

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

very cool! I've never tried coconut water, but I've heard great things! I'm all about cooler weather too. I'm going to attempt to run outside today and it's supposed to be hotttt, I'm not too optomistic

Gaspegirl said...

Congratulations on your win! I just happened upon your blog but I am a follower now!

Make it a great day!