Friday, June 17, 2011

Run, Run, Run As fast As You Can- You Cant' Catch Me.....

.... Well, You probably can. 
I'm effing slow!

But, I did a 4 mile yesterday and it felt really good. I didn't walk too much. When I got tired, I just slowed my pace down as much as I could without walking (you know, that weird fake run/trot people do when they are crossing the street in front of your car? That's the pace I was going at some points). However, I finished the 4.08 miles in 58:38, which is amazing because it's under an hour. WOOHOO!

Take THAT Gingerbread man!

I am feeling better about my running because my last two have gone pretty well. I was kind of down and out after the Torch run because I didn't do as well in the heat as I had anticipated. But, as many people have told me, not every run is going to be an amazing one, so I'm dealing with it.

I wish I had more exciting things to update you all on, but today is a short post. It is my rest day, which is good because I have a friend's birthday tonight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (He probably won't read this, but I figured I would post it anyway.) Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? I have a birthday, a recital and Father's day celebrations. Going to be getting my party on haha!

Happy and healthy weekend everyone!


MrsQ318 said...

awesome! so glad to hear that you are feeling good about your running. As supportive as the blog world is, I think it can also screw with your head a little bit when so many people are throwing around crazy fast paces left and right... but it is important to remember that your running is your own and that it is your journey, not anybody else's. :)

Wells L said...

Awesome advice above!!! It's true!!!
Great run!!! Almost every one of my runs feels sucky but every once in awhile I get a good one . . . and that keeps me believing it's possible!
Enjoy your rest day and all your fun weekend activities.

Happy Birthday to your friend!

HollywoodRuns said...

Great run!! It's true you will have your bad days especially when running in the heat. Don't let them bother you.
I'm hoping for nice weather this weekend. If so then tomorrow I'll take a run at Hammonasset then relax on the beach and Sunday will be a pool day!

Joy said...

Thanx for the encouraging post. I drop by your blog a couple of times a week and am encouraged to know someone else out there rejoices at making 4 miles in an hour cuz I just did the same thing last Thursday. And I was happy ... That's a good pace for me. keep up the good work.

Sweetie said...

I'd be thrilled with that time, especially in the heat of summer.

Falon said...

It is hard to push through the not-so-great runs because oh boy they're out there. But, all we can do it keep going! Great job!