Friday, August 26, 2011

My First Guest Post!

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Update: Did my 10 mile run in 3:4:10. All I can say is OWWWWW! I started off doing well but by mile 7 my calves were in so much pain I had to walk the rest of the way. I ended up getting dangerously close to being dehydrated even though I had a bottle full of coconut water, 2 GU packs and had stopped into Dunkin Donuts for a large cup of water. The problem? I ran during the WRONG time of the day (11:30am... cause it's not hot around noontime, right?). Also, my body was just too physically exhausted before I even started running (dancing and rehearsing for 4 hours a night and only getting 5-6hrs of sleep a night will do that to you). But you know what? It may have been the Worst run EVER for me, but I'm not at all discouraged. I'm actually more determined to make my next long run even better- once I can get my legs to function properly again. Who is this crazy determined person inside of me?! I kind of like her :)


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Great post, loved it!

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Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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