Monday, September 5, 2011

And Winner for Worst Blogger Goes To...

This kid.

I'm so sorry I haven't updated. I've been dog sitting for a friend and I can't access their internet. That, combined with work and rehearsals, has had me down for the count. So, even though I've said it before, I am a blogger fail. Please have mercy on me and dig deep down within yourself to find some forgiveness and keep reading my blog! I swear a super awesome update is coming soon.

Here's a preview of what I will be posting about:

-funny things other people have seen while running
-another Blogger award I was nominated for (thank goodness it can't be taken away haha)
-another give away
-raising money for my half marathon charity and how YOU can help (hint: this will be combined with the above)

Get excited... I will be back to posting in NO time... and it's gonna be FABULOUS!!!


Melissa C said...

Forgiven :)

Wells L said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! I seriously hope someday we can meet in real life and just go for a run - I'm sure we would crack up the entire way and be done with the run before it even felt like we were running :)

I agree with Melissa C - forgiven! Just don't forget about us.