Saturday, September 17, 2011

Opening Night

I just got home from the show. After a looooong week of rehearsals, we finally opened to an audience tonight and it was fantastic! I'm beyond exhausted, but so happy to have the show up and running finally.
I am also still recovering from my 11 mile Run of Awesome (it's been a bit slower of a recovery because I've been dancing every night on top of the long run).

Here are some more photos of this kid to entertain you:

 It's called the "Convent Miranda" look.... hahahaha

Taking center stage

This nun likes to invent other nuns... for example, Sister Pocahontas

I do have a serious moment here and there....


Getting ready to dance

We're just too adorable!

So there ya go folks.... yours truly at her best haha


Wells L said...

What great photos! Looks like a LOT of fun! Congrats on your opening! Hope it continues to be a huge success. And seriously, I cannot imagine running 11 miles (11 miles girl!) and dancing everyday - YIKES!!!! I would crumble! WTG!

MrsQ said...

ah! I had NO idea you were a theatre person!! I really miss the theatre some times... Looks like the show is lot of fun!! :D

BabyWilt said...

Looks like an absolute blast :-)

Stephanie Anne said...

LOve the pics!! looks like you had a blast!