Friday, November 4, 2011

I am Alive

My deepest apologies for being MIA over the past week. There's a real reason why it happened (and not just my usual lame 'life is busy' excuse either haha). Last Saturday the North East had a massive freak snow storm.
 That would be a downed tree in my pool in the backyard. Nice.

Now, snow in the North East isn't a major thing, except for a few issues:
1. it wasn't even Halloween yet!!!! Crazy!!
2. it knocked down SO many trees and power lines that, according to the article in LA Times, "initially caused 3.2 million people along the Eastern Seaboard to lose power, but most had electricity restored by midweek. In Connecticut, the state hardest hit by power outages, 900,000 were initially in the dark."

Guess what state this kid lives in? That'd be CT. We currently still have about 306,000 people without power. I was lucky and ours came back on last night.

I do have to say, I believe my family has a new found respect for my candle addiction. Seriously, I have over $250 worth of candles in my room (2 huge boxes under my bed and one in my closet). I lit them around the house and not only did they light our way but (if we kept our bedroom doors closed) the few lit candles would create some pretty nice heat. Who knew, right? This kid did. HA! :)

So anyway, that's why I've been MIA. Once I get the house and my life back in order I will be back to my somewhat regular updating self. Hope everyone else is staying healthy and warm!!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Sorry you had the power go out - but I'm glad you were well prepared with lots of candles!!

BabyWilt said...

Do you know my cousin Liia??? ;-) She only got power back today as well but their neighbour had power so at least they were still getting hot showers.

Stephanie Anne said...

Glad you're ok, and jealous of your power!! I'm hoping to get some tomorrow. It old my mom I would never make fun of her candle addiction again too!

Wells L said...

Oh girl, I'm glad you are alright! Been thinking about you and all those east coasters! Stay warm and safe!!!

Suz and Allan said...

Glad you are ok! I, too, knew the candle secret and we are prepared for a week without power after the tornado went through here in April. Stay warm!