Monday, December 19, 2011

A Run...And a Runny Nose

I FINALLY managed to get a short run in last Thursday after work.

Color me excited!!

It felt so good to be on the treadmill and just moving. I could feel stress start to instantly melt away.
If I hadn't been so crunched for time I would have run longer than 20 minutes, but alas, my life stops for nothing lately.

However, my running high was short lived. Boo! The next morning I woke up and I sounded like Barry White (sexy, right?). The cold I had been fighting finally won. My nose was stuffy and running and my chest was all congested. I dosed myself with a ton of Mucinex, Zicam and Emergen-cee (plus tissues and cough drops) and went to work. By the end of the day (right before my show- because the show must go on!) I started to feel a bit better, but definitely not close to 100%. I was able to do the show because, thankfully, my character's voice is in a higher register than my actual speaking voice so no one could tell I was sick. As soon as the show was over, I went home and climbed into bed. I was hoping that if I slept as much as possible before work the next morning, I would get better. NO SUCH LUCK.

I awoke Saturday morning even worse than the day before- Barry White was back for another performance. Needless to say, no work for this sick kid. I spent the entire day in bed, Netflix on the television, medicine on the side table, and going in and out of consciousness. I think I slept about 14 hours total. It was so nice. I woke up about an hour before I had to be at the theatre and felt a tiny bit better.

I really felt the best on Sunday. I was excited because my voice was almost back to normal and I wasn't coughing as much. However, I woke up this morning and I think the cold is trying to beat me again. My coughing started up again last night (but whether that's because I changed the type of Mucinex I was taking or what, I don't know). I wasn't exactly Barry White this morning, more like Elaine Stritch (points if you get that reference, double points if it made you laugh).

I'm hoping to get a lot of rest this week so I will be better by Christmas. I am going to do another 20 minute run on Wednesday, though I don't want to push myself too much if everything is settling in my chest (no bueno for my lungs).

Anyone have any home remedies they use that work pretty well? I'm up for trying anything!


Wells L said...

Yay to running, boo to being sick. I've had a respiratory cold for a week now and it is beating me DOWN. I think I could sleep for 2 straight weeks and still be tired! I, too, now sound just like Barry White - hey baby . . . soo sexy! Really difficult to be a health educator sounding like the definition of unhealthy - hee hee.

No remedies - hope you get better though, rest and hydrate!!! Take care of yourself.

AuburnAFWife said...

Hope you feel better! What a rough time to be sick!

Suz and Allan said...

That was me before accidentally commenting under my sister's name but I'm sure she hopes you feel better too!

Wells L said...

Merry Christmas!!!! Hope you and your family are well!!!!