Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm Going to Jail and Mystery Loot Give Away

Yes, you read that title correctly- I'm going to jail.

I'm so angry! I look horrid in orange!

Really, it's all my boyfriend's fault. If he hadn't flipped on me, he would've been the only one in prison, and I could've helped bail him out. But, no, he broke. And now we are both going to jail. It's a shame too, because all that awesome loot is hidden away, and only I know where to find it.

In all seriousness. we will only be in jail for about an hour on August 23rd. My boyfriend got chosen by the MDA (Muscular Distrophy Association) to participate in their annual Lock-Up fundraiser. He has to raise as much money as possible for his "bail". Best part, he gets to have a partner in crime (yours truly), and we will be locked up in front of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in New Haven (best prison food EVER!). He's managed to raise $100 so far, but I know we can do more! So, I figured I would share the information with all of you wonderful bloggers out there and see if anyone would be charitable enough to help us out. In case you weren't aware, all funds raised by the MDA Lock-Up assist the Association in providing lifesaving research, a nationwide network of medical clinics, and accessible summer camp experiences to individuals and families affected by neuromuscular diseases. It really is a wonderful cause, so I hope all of my readers will consider giving at least $10 to help out.

To sweeten the deal a little bit,
decided I will share my hidden loot with you.

Therefore, for every $10 donated, you will get an entry into the
 "Mystery Loot Give Away".
I can't tell you what you will win just yet because I don't want the 5-0 sniffing around more than they already will be. However, suffice it to say, it's pretty awesome. I promise. I mean, if it wasn't, why would anyone care if I had taken it, right? ;)

Anywho, here's the link to DONATE.

Make sure that once you have donated, you come back and comment on my blog how much you gave. This way, I know how many entries to give each person. Also, if you share this blog post on your own blog/facebook/twitter/social media, leave me a comment with a link and I will give you an extra entry. I am going to send out a super huge thanks in advance to everyone who helps us out. I know people are strapped for money nowadays, myself included, but every little bit helps and it truly does wonders for those who suffer, or a family members of someone suffering from, muscular distrophy.


Jessica said...

Hi! I donated $10. Wish I could do more! -Jess

Fruit Fly said...

Heehee - when you said you were going to jail I knew exactly what it was. That's when I learned I SUCK at fundraiser. I actually hid from the jail people the whole time because I raised exactly $0.00. Good luck, I know you'll out-raise me for sure!