Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope y'all had a fun, exciting and safe New Years!

Now, in keeping with the time honored tradition of making resolutions for the upcoming year, I have some goals that I would like to accomplish this year. (And, yes, I am going to share them with you! Aren't you lucky?!)

1. I am, sadly, not going to be able to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I'm incredibly upset over this but finance and logistics wise, it wasn't working out. Add onto that the fact that I've been sick for a month now and have fallen so far behind on my training, it would be virtually impossible for me to get on track- it just seems better for my sanity (and stress level) to forego that race this year and save up money for next year.
I am not completely down and out though! Never! Instead of racing that weekend, I will be participating in the Jim Calhoun Cardioraiser! I have joined Kurt's "A-Team" group (which I helped him name), and in keeping with the show, have aptly dubbed myself "HMM" (points if you know which character that is!). It's going to be a great day- the fundraiser is for Autism and I have set a goal of $100 for myself. I feel that is completely easy to reach and hope to go above and beyond. For this $100, I will be doing Zumba! That's right the cardioraiser entails doing your choice of spinning, zumba, or a cardio machine of your choice. I love dancing, so I figured Zumba might be a fun choice. I signed up for only one hour so far but hope to raise enough money to add onto that (I'd really like to be able to do at least 3 hours if not more). So, I need everyone's help! Please go to my donation page HERE and help me start the year off by helping those who need it!

2. According to my DailyMile, last year I ran a total of 251.64 miles. Not too shabby for my first full year of running!! This year, I plan on increasing that total number and hitting 350 miles! Can she do it?! Yes, she can! But, how? Well, that leads me to my next goal....

3. Last year I participated in 4 5k races and 1 half marathon. For 2012, my goal is to do 8 5k races and at least 2 half marathons (with the possibility of some 10k's in there as well, if time and finances allow). Doubling my race schedule means more training miles and overall run miles. I should be able to tack on that additional 100 miles easy!!

4. I plan on saving up money!! Even though I intend on running more races, my goal is to be smart about which races I do and how they affect my finances. I also have to factor in new running shoes, clothes, etc. My new job means better pay so I have to work hard and not blow all of my money on race stuff. I need to save up for Disney and NJ marathons next year (yea, I'm already planning for 2013 too haha).

5. Get healthy. Stay healthy. I'm sooooooo over being sick. It's the first real cold I've had in a long time and it's just lingering in my lungs. It needs to be done. I'm hoping that with more runs and more strength and cross training I can boost my immune system so I won't have to suffer through this sort of thing again. Or, if I do, my immune system will be strong enough to kick it out of me ASAP. I also want to focus on eating healthier again. I'm actually considering going gluten free because lately, whenever I eat pasta or bread, it makes me incredibly bloated and makes me feel sick to my stomach. (Too much info?) Part of this will also include increasing my water and electrolyte intake (especially since I'm going to be running more).

6. Having more "ME" time in my life. One thing I noticed over the past two months was that the busier I got, the more I stopped having my "ME" time nights. I found that I was more stressed because I wasn't allowing myself time to decompress and relax before bed (probably a large reason as to why I got sick). My goal for 2012 is to dedicate one night a week to being by myself- no boyfriend, no work, no running around... just a nice, quiet time to myself. Whether it's a night run, some kettle bell circuits in my room, a self-done mani, etc. It doesn't matter, as long as it's for me.

So, those are my 6 big goals for the year. I think they are incredibly do-able. 
What do you think? What are some of your new year resolutions?


Susan said...

I think all of your goals are attainable I for one will try and help you in any way I can to reach them you have become a wonderful ,beautiful young woman

Lisa said...

LOVE your goals and can relate to the reasons behind them. Our goals are similar.

I'm SO sorry you won't be able to run Disney. I know how much you had been looking forward to it. Sometimes just taking something off your plate can tremendously reduce your stress - hope you have some relief and know that there is always next year.

Hoping your saving money for 2013 Long Island Diva Half - I swear I'm coming for it AND I want to meet you!!! :)

I too have been sick for a month - including a never ending case of phone sex worker voice ;) Hope you feel better soon!!!