Sunday, April 6, 2014

Can I get Some Fries with that Shake?

Has anyone ever tried shakeology before?

A friend of mine has been using it for awhile and really loves it. She is also gluten-free and has a lot of other food allergies (like this kid) and finds it a great, nutritious option for her breakfasts each day.
I'm the kind of person who does not usually like to eat a big breakfast because I'm lazy not a morning person and snooze my alarm too much to have time to make a good breakfast.Today I did the chocolate shake with a banana, a gluten free graham cracker, and unsweetened almond milk. It was super yummy! (Even my fiance kept trying to steal sips!)

I'm not looking to lose weight with shakeology, I'm looking for a healthy alternative (gluten-free) that will make me feel better. I got the sampler pack this past Friday and have had a shake each day for breakfast. I have noticed a difference in my energy level, as well as noticed that I am not as hungry throughout the rest of the day. Shakeology offers a 30 day trial policy where if you try shakeology for 30 days and end up not liking it or not thinking the product is working for you, you can return it for your money back. So, I'm going to take the 30 day challenge and see how it goes.

On top of that, my back is still pretty messed up. I'm still in physical therapy twice a week, but nothing seems to be loosening. My therapist recommended that I start doing gentle yoga to add in more core strengthening and flexibility to help my back heal and get stronger. I took my first class at Bloom Yoga studio last Thursday and I loved it! I was very uneasy at first because I'm not a flexible person and when I think of yoga, I think of crazy poses with people wrapping their feet around their necks. But the instructor was wonderful and provided us with foam blocks, blankets, pillows, and straps that we could use to modify our poses so that we did not hurt ourselves. I actually only had difficulty with one or two poses, so I was happy. But, after not having had a good adrenaline and endorphin release in a very long time (due to not being able to run or do HiiT or strength train) the gentle yoga class moved slowly enough that I could keep up, but was intense enough that I worked up a small sweat. I felt so relaxed and fluid afterwards, it was a great feeling!
I plan on continuing my yoga classes once a week for the next few months. I do not want to do two times a week because I'm not sure how my back will handle that just yet. Once I get the okay from the doctor (and my work schedule) though, I will definitely be up for doing gentle yoga twice a week.

Anywho, I refer back to my original question- has anyone ever tried shakeology, or anything similar? If so, what was your experience?

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