Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back on Track

I believe I mentioned (possibly a few times) that I'm training for a 5k run. Well, I took a little under 2 weeks off because I wasn't feeling well and life just got very hectic for me with performances, trips, rehearsals, interviews, etc. Anyway, I got back on track today and started week 4 of the 9 week program. I'm up to running 16min out of 30min. Not too shabby! If I'm honest, I didn't make it through all of the last 5 minutes I was supposed to run, but it's my first day back so I can let it slide. The next two days I run there will be no slacking though!

Here's what I did today for exercise:

Week 4, Day 1 of c25k training- Brisk 5min walk warm up, run 3 min, walk 90sec, run 5min, walk 2 and a half min, run 3 min, walk 90sec, run 5 min, walk 5 min cool down.

After I finished the training program, I was at 2 miles, so I continued walking/running intervals until I ran a whole 5k. I finished in 48min, which is roughly 15min/mile. YAY!!! My time has dropped- I used to run a 16 1/2 min mile.

On top of this, I also found a really fun circuit training program in my Fitness magazine. It was designed by Bob Harper, one of the trainers on Biggest Loser. It's a circuit training that targets abs, arms, shoulders, butt, back and legs. It's really easy to do, but I felt the burn and worked up a sweat while doing it. You can see the workout here: Right to Bare Arms.
I highly recommend it :)

A side note- I found this watch in my Fitness magazine as well and I really want (and it's only $20!!!)

On another happy note, I just got hired for a second part time job. I will be working at Bath and Body Works at my local mall. I'm excited! I worked there when I was in college and I really enjoyed it so I'm glad to be hired back. Plus, it's still a relatively flexible schedule as I'm only a seasonal employee and it provides me with more income for the holidays (on top of an awesome discount at the store, which is where I will probably end up getting everyone's gifts hahahaha).
I was also recently cast in another show: Chicago.

Things are looking up for me. I've been keeping a positive attitude and going after the things I want out of life. It seems to be working, if current happenings are any indication.
It's true what they say- think positive thoughts and positive will come back to you!


BLAM said...

When's your big run? Congrats on everything, including Chicago! You sound really up!

CupCake said...

Thanks! :) I've been feeling pretty good lately and I'm trying to keep that feeling going. I haven't decided what run I'm going to do yet, something in December though, so probably a Christmas Run which should be fun.