Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm really getting into this running thing now (and I blame Kurt and Chelsea haha). I think I've decided what 5k I'm going to run as well. It's the Christopher Martin's Christmas Run for Children in New Haven. It's a flat trail as far as I can tell, which for me, being a beginner, is sweet. But the best part is if you donate an unwrapped gift for children, the entry fee is $5. I believe almost all of the proceeds go to charity to help get toys for less fortunate kids.
If anyone else wishes to join, let me know! The more the merrier!

Also, I came across this article, which I thought would be interesting to share. It's about Running in the Winter, which is what I will be doing. Basically, it advises not to overdress too much because the running will heat up your body naturally, no matter how cold out it is (which is good to know because my race is on December 12th, and considering it SNOWED here yesterday.... there's a good chance it's going to be freezing come December). So, I have to invest in some winter running clothes and gear. First on my list is an arm band to hold my ipod touch. (Considering how many times I've dropped it off the treadmill, this is a necessity for me.) I also have heard good things about arm warmers (kind of like leg warmers, but for your arms) and would like to invest in some. Or I will probably need a long-sleeve, moisture-wicking shirt like this one and running leggings.

I've gotten my body used to going the entire 5k distance, so when I actually do run, my body will be used to how far it needs to go. I just have to continue to work on my running endurance- being able to run longer periods of time without stopping. As it stands, I'm still able to run a 5k in 49minutes, which I've been told, isn't half bad for a beginning runner. I'm hoping to go out either next week or the week after and so some running outside to start getting my lungs used to the colder air and my body used to running on actual ground, as opposed to the treadmill.

I finished week 4 of my training on Sunday, and did an extra run last night, just for the hell of it. I'm not nearly as sore as I expected, especially after running over 6 miles in 2 days. My right knee was a little tight last night, and it audibly pops when I go up the stairs, but there's no actual pain associated with it. I've been using Icy Hot and that helped relieve the tight feeling, bu the popping still persists. I've done some looking up on runner's injuries, and haven't found anything that fits what I have. So long as my knee doesn't physically hurt, the popping noise should be ok.

I plan on starting Week 5 either tonight or tomorrow. This means, I'm half way done with my training- only 4 weeks to go after this. Holler!!

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wojo said...

Blame me all you want. I'm happy to carry the burden! haha You even ran an EXTRA workout on your own. You're hooked, aren't you?!

Funny enough, I was just out looking at winter running gear myself the last couple days. I have arm warmers and they're great for the inbetween temps (for me, fall). Once it gets cold enough though, I'll switch to a running jacket I think. I'm certainly still learning. I'm still debating on tights (definitely not cold enough yet).

As for the popping knee, if it doesn't hurt, generally you're fine. Keep a watch on it and you're good to go. My ankles pop all the time on stairs and I just regard it as a funny quirk of my body.