Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back on Track.... Kinda

So I am finally feeling human again. I still have a raspy voice and a cough, but I'm not NEARLY as awful as I was previously, thank goodness. I was also able to sing in the car today, and though my voice is in a baritone range, I can safely and comfortably stretch it back into my normal range for the most part. I won't be singing high C's anytime soon but I'm on the mend.

That sickness made me feel so unlike my usual self, it was disgusting. I finally did go see the doctor though and got put on antibiotics that have helped immensely. So, hopefully come Friday I will be back to myself on stage 110%. I wish this, not just because I want to be healthy again, but also because I have a lot of people coming to see me in Chicago. I have like 2 tables of people, which equates to about 12 seats. Yay!

I've also missed running. I never thought I would say that in my life, but lately my body has been missing the running I was doing. I feel almost antsy. It just stinks because not only have we had numerous snow storms happening but today we also had an ice storm hit us so the sidewalks that were shoveled are now ice rinks and that is not good for running.

Also, I came up with a few ideas of things I want to attempt to learn how to do or get back into doing:

1. learn to do a cartwheel
2. canoe or kayak
3. go camping in the woods for a night or two
4. scrapbook a year in my life

Oh... and to update. My current weight is 214. If I lose 15 pounds, I will be under 200 for the first time since high school. I CAN DO THIS!!
I just need to keep with the motivation- my cousin's wedding, my upcoming college reunion, my future as a professional actress, my health, etc etc.

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