Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happiness... in my Pants

A quick post because I had something awesome happen to me today.

A very good friend of mine gave me some of her old size 14 jeans that she no longer can fit into (because they are too big). I decided it would be funny to try one pair on. Lo and behold I managed to get into the jeans and pull them up, I just couldn't button them!

Ok, why am I excited that I couldn't button jeans, you may ask?! WELL.... because they were a size 14 jeans! I've been wearing 20 and 18 for as long as I can remember and even trying to get my leg in a size 14, never mind pulling them all the way up to my waist, was a laughable thing. But now, I'm so close to being IN a size 14, I can practically taste it! SO EXCITING!

In other news, I'm feeling almost 90% lately, and I'm hoping to return to my previously interrupted running schedule come this Sunday. I'm still coughing a bit, but it's mostly when I go from warm air to cold air and vice versa. The temperature change aggravates my lungs for a little bit. Even during the show tonight I wasn't coughing nearly as much as I had been last week. Hooray for antibiotics! So my goal is to run at least 1.5 miles this Sunday before I go to work. Woot woot!! Size 14 here I come!!

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