Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Good Way to Start the Day

Today was a very productive day. I woke up early and went running (of my own free will haha) at the gym. I ran a short mile and a half run, but it was so much better than expected. I finished it in 22 and a half minutes flat, so I'm running about a 15min/mile. The exciting part, however, is not only did I run over a mile of the 1.5 miles (I managed to run 1.1 miles in total) but I also ran for 12 minutes straight without having to stop to walk!! I'm so proud of myself! And considering I haven't run since the 5k, this is awesome!

Kurt also helped me map out a 5k run on the streets around my house so I can do some outside training as well. I've given myself a goal of running 5 miles a week. So, however I feel like breaking it down is up to me and how I am feeling that week, but I am going to meet or exceed 5 miles every week, for the next 6 weeks. Once I've completed 6 weeks worth of this goal, I'm going to increase it to 8miles a week, then 10 miles and so on and so forth. I've decided that, not only do I want to run in a few more 5ks, but I also would like to possibly attempt a half-marathon. I'm hoping to be able to run in the ING half-marathon in Hartford this fall.

Anywho, now on to today's stat updates-


1.5 miles run in 22 and a half minutes- 181 calories
Dance (for the show) for about 30 minutes- around 300 calories
Acting on stage for 2 hours- about 500 calories

Total calories burned- 981 calories!!


Soy Protein shake with 1% milk- 220 calories
Can of tuna fish with light mayo- around 100 calories
Soy Protein shake with 1% milk- 220 calories
Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry (homemade)- around 350
Hummus and Rice Crackers (90 calorie pack)- 170 calories

Grand Total- 1060 calories!!

All in all, not too bad of a day though I am under in calories. Tomorrow's plan is to do some toning and/or strength training. Hooray!

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wojoku said...

The Hartford ING Half Marathon was incredibly well run last year. I would certainly suggest that as a half marathon to run for your first time. I'm planning on trying the full marathon this year.