Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Little of This....

Howdy Howdy Howdy!

Tonight is probably going to be a short update, but oh well, I suppose not every day needs to be a novel haha.

First, we shall start out with a story..... Today I went shopping for a new bra for the show I'm in (because the one I was wearing is too big, which is fun times). I decided, whilst shopping for my brassiere, to also try on a pair of pants, just to gauge where I am size-wise in a particular store. I managed to slip into a size 17 comfortably, which was exciting. I didn't try to push to a size 16 though. The 17's were comfy on the waist, but loose in the legs, so I figure I have a few more pounds to go before I hit a 16, but it's not far away by any means. Hooray me!

Here is today's stat updates:


Deli sliced chicken sandwhich with honey mustard and 1 slice of American cheese (white) on whole wheat bread- around 550 calories
Can of Light Italian Vegetable soup- 200 calories
Pistachios- about 85 calories (for the small serving I had)
Veggie Burger with Honey mustard- 180 calories
Small serving of Kielbasa and Sauerkraut- 140 calories
Redbull sugarfree 12 oz- 15 calories

Grand total: 1170 calories


Acting for 2 hours- about 500 calories
Dance for 30 minutes- around 300 calories

Grand total: 800 calories burned!

And I swear I'm going to start next week with the weigh-ins because I have to get a working scale. Tomorrow's plan is to run another mile and a half, though I may push it to 2 miles tomorrow if I really feel like it. Then, more dancing and acting with the show tomorrow night.


wojoku said...

I ran today for two miles and if it hadn't been 5:30pm, nearly pitch black, and cutting into dinner time before practice, I probably would have run a couple more. Tomorrow I will start earlier, check!

Run early. That way you have most of the day to recoup that energy. And if you want to run those routes (remind me to send them to you), we can do that maybe this weekend?

CupCake said...

I actually think I run better in the morning, because I haven't used up so much energy yet (I plan on experimenting with this theory) so I'm definitely doing that tomorrow... and any other day when I have a performance at night.

As for the routes, maybe we can run one on Saturday? That'd be cool... though I will surely be eating your dust lol