Monday, February 7, 2011

An Interesting TMI

Yes, I know.... I fell into the deep, dark, black void of no-man's-land and haven't posted anything of significance for a while. It happens. I'm starting to get used to it. I figure as long as I continue coming back, then I'm good to go.

Alright, lots of fun things have happened lately- got a 3rd part time job, had a bit more snow which continues to put a damper on my outdoor running plans (I have no urge to do a full triple axle for my entire neighborhood while running thankyouverymuch), and I have some more upcoming auditions and shows. Yay!

Now on to something of extreme note: This may be slightly too personal for some people to handle, but I feel if I'm alright talking about it, then it's okay to read.
So..... here it goes!

For the past two weeks my nipples have been incredibly sore. Painfully sore, even. I mean to the point where I was in tears because they hurt so much. Normaly I would chalk this up to PMS symptoms as it is something I suffer through monthly for the most part. However, I have never had the soreness last for more than a few days. Being the paranoid person I am, I did some research online (which when it comes to medical things is not always the most reliable) and I came across something which, at first, I thought to be a joke, but turns out to be a valid and documented injury amongst runners. It's called Runner's Nipple. No joke.
Apparently, it is a condition where an athlete suffers from soreness of the nipples, even cracking and bleeding, due to friction with their clothes while exercising.

According to, "The skin on your nipples is very sensitive. Jogger's nipple, which is a common sports injury for runners, is when the nipples get irritated from rubbing against their shirts as they run. This painful condition could lead to soreness, bleeding and inflammation.

They continue on with ways to prevent and treat this condition. They suggest always wearing a sweat-wicking base layer, a sports bra for women, and a loose fitting top. They advise to stay away from cotton tops however, because cotton tends to absorb sweat, which can actually make the friction and irritation worse. Another form of protection is the use of medical tape or a band aid placed over the nipples to form a barrier, as well as the use of vaseline which will protect the skin from irritation.

I have been running much more frequently lately, and honestly, I haven't been wearing the proper sports bras, etc. So, I'm going to change up my tops and see if it helps reduce the irritation I am experiencing. I'm a little leery about using a band aid or medical tape, solely because once I start sweating I don't think they will be of much use. However, there's no harm in trying, right?

There now... that wasn't too awkward, was it?

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wojoku said...

I've heard of a lot of runners (even guys) putting band-aids over their nipples for long runs. It's one of those injuries you wouldn't think of normally, but would be a pain in the a** when you realized you got it.