Friday, February 11, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Today was a busy day, but a good day nonetheless. I feel like that's pretty much how this entire week has been. Busy, but somehow pleasant. I ended up experiencing some major cabin fever yesterday and, even though it was 30 degrees out, I decided to go to the park and do some running outside. I thought I was only going to run about a mile, but I ended up running a little under two in about 25 minutes. The path I ran and the scenery made the run seem to go by incredibly fast. It felt invigorating to be running outside again.

Also, going back to my previous post's topic about Runner's Nipple. I ran using medical tape as a barrier and with a new sports bra. I felt much better while running and even afterward. The only downfall too using tape is when you need to take it off. Ouch. Personal Note: It comes off much easier and is less painful if you let it soak in the shower. Just saying.

I may go running tomorrow but we will see how my body is doing. I was slightly sore and incredibly crampy today-so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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