Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keep On Keeping On

I had another fantastic run today. The weather was much nicer out today, so there were more people at the park. I ended up having to weave in and out of the road, trying to not get hit, so I had a slower running pace. All in all, another 1.85 miles under my belt. I'm hoping to run again tomorrow. Kurt and I may go to the gym together as well, but I may do a run on my own beforehand too. Where is this motivation coming from? haha.

Also on today's run I decided to use the protective pads my mother got for me. They seemed to really help as I wasn't in as much pain after my run. I think the lotion is working the best as far as the healing factor goes though.

Kurt and I had a conversation the other day about how I have this habit of comparing myself to other athletes. I was kind of down about the fact that I am running under 2 miles when I go out, and even then, it's not a straight run as I have to stop and walk a few times. He told me not to get upset over it as I was doing well, and to most definitely stop comparing myself to other runners because that would do me no good. Everyone has their own pace that they train at, and considering I was at a level 0 for fitness at this point in time last year, I am doing rather well.

Anyway, here's today's update:


Soy Protein Shake with Banana and Peanut Butter- about 400 calories
2 Clementines- 70 calories
Buffalo Chicken and Cheese Sandwhich- around 500 calories
Hummus- about 100 calories
Carrots- 20 calories
Mushrooms- 10 calories
Edamame- 20 calories
Pulled chicken and BBQ Sauce- around 150 calories
Blood Orange sorbet- around 15 calories

Grand Total: 1285 calories. YIKES!

I feel like I did nothing but eat all day, but I seriously under-ate my calories. Especially considering I did go running today, I should be within my caloric range. I will have to try and do better tomorrow.


1.85 mile run in 28 minutes (roughly 15min pace)- 223 calories

Grand Total: 223 calories.

EDIT: I almost forgot. I'm on the lookout for some inexpensive running leggings/tights. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. I want to snag a cheap pair to use until it hits spring weather.

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wojoku said...

The unfortunate truth for 99.9% of the population is that there will always be someone better than you. Someone who runs further, faster, stronger, with better form, etc. You should focus on ONE person only, yourself. It's the only person who matters.