Monday, March 21, 2011

Hooray's All Around!

Firstly, a major shout-out to everyone who competed in a marathon or half-marathon today. Most specifically, my bestest friend Chelsea who ran the NYC Half-Marathon in under 2 hours
(You Go Girl!).

In honor of Chelsea's endeavor, I decided to push myself in my own long run today. I was anticipating having a lack-luster run because I had pretty much been going non-stop all week, while trying to fight a cold and had a monstrous work day on Saturday (8:30am to 10:30pm on my feet was not fun). I woke up and immediately got dressed into my running gear. I put my headphones on and turned my music up loud. I let my body find it's own pace and went to town. I must say, I was rather excited to take on running from my house to my grandmother's house as it is all the way across town and it seemed an exceptional feat.The run only ended up being 4.5 miles but it was a fantastic one nonetheless! I looked down at my watch at one point to see that I had surpassed mile marker 3 about 35 minutes in, so I decided to lengthen my route a bit as I had some time to spare. I'm also proud because I managed to run the first 2 miles without having to stop and walk. WOOT! As well, I took a disgustingly difficult hill and conquered about 3/4 of it before I had to give up (still much better than I have done in the past).

Other exciting news would be that I made some amazing home-made hummus today. It was butternut squash basil flavored (wit some cayenne powder thrown in just for kicks) and it came out pretty nicely. I made it as part of a surprise celebration dinner for Chelsea. She gave up all processed foods for Lent, so Kurt and I had to get creative with our dinner plans. Originally, we were going to do hand-rolled sushi, but time constraints kind of put the kebosh on that plan. Hopefully one day soon we shall do that and document it for blogging purposes, because I feel it will be an exercise in epic-ness.

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Chelsea said...

Thanks love! The dinner was AWESOME!! I am so happy and excited for and proud of YOU!!!! 4.5 miles is huge! I am so psyched for the mileage you have been racking up! You are seriously kicking some major butt, and I LOVE it! p.s. totally having veggies and your amazing hummus for breakfast, Hooray!