Friday, March 18, 2011

Productive Times

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day outside, so of course I spent most of it in the car driving around like a mad woman. I headed out to Target to purchase a multi-vitamin and a short sleeve running top (since it is FINALLY starting to get warmer). While wandering the store, I found 2 duo-dry running tees- one on clearance and one regular price- and I also stumbled across a pair of running shorts on Clearance for $3. Ummm, yes, please! Score! After I snagged those treasures, I headed over to the pharmacy section. The way our Target is set up, one has to meander past the food to get to the pharmacy. I happened to spot some large bags of trail mix on sale- double score! So, I snatched those up as well and FINALLY grabbed my multi-vitamins. I opted for the Women's multi-vitamin, for really no specific reason other than I'm a woman.

All in all, it was a rather productive shopping day for me. When I got home I pre-sorted my trail mix into individual serving size bags (easy to grab on the go and I don't have to guess-timate what I'm eating). I'm actually rather excited about this. It's really the first time I've ever been productive with a healthy snack. Normally I just grab a bag of baby carrots and the whole container of hummus and go. Hooray for being a little bit healthier.

I ended up having a free night to myself (once again- I submit a "Finally") and I took full advantage of it. I did some toning and strength exercises in my room with my free weights and bands. I also got to work on my collage (you remember, the one I have been saying I was going to so since I started this blog? Yep, that's the one).
I think it came out rather well. I'm going to keep building on it over the next few months. I plan on putting up photos of myself throughout my training to track my progress.

I've been doing some research on multiple things: mostly new running routes and running shoes. I'm looking to get a new pair within the next few months so I can start breaking them in for the half-marathon. As for running shoes, I really like these HERE. Anyone ever wear them? I have Saucony Jazz Low-Pro's right now and I love them to death. So I'm debating getting another pair of the same shoe, in a different color, or those other Sauconys. Decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow's long run has to be pushed to Sunday as I am going to be working about 13 hours between 2 of my jobs. Yay! I'm just hoping I won't be too beat to do 70 minutes on Sunday. Oy vey.

Edit: I also just signed up for Runner's World magazine. And by "just" I mean, about 1 minute ago I clicked Order. haha. I'm super excited!


Chelsea said...

Love the pink shoes!!!!

CupCake said...

haha I was hoping they came in green as well, but if I do end up getting them, I will probably go with pink.

pianoplayer41 said...

You are amazing...motivating me to start moving again..and eat healthy. Can relate to the carrots and whole container of hummus. Time for me to do some healthy food shopping. See you Monday!!

CupCake said...

Hooray! I'm excited I could motivate you! We should go to the gym together sometime soon.