Friday, April 8, 2011

Life Happens

Today was a pretty good day. I didn't get to the gym like I had hoped because I forgot I was working two o my three jobs today (I have an aversion to free time), but I did manage to get some cross training cardio and some weight-lifting in at my retail job (more on that later though).

Firstly, Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman and I met up to go to work. Today we were having an ice cream social for 6-8th graders at school who were going to be coming to our new program (we work for the Girl Scouts, and no, sadly, we do NOT get a discount on cookies). We had the girls play some fun games where they had to work together to get in order by first name, then by last name and then by birthdate. Next, we fed them all ice cream cake, got them all sugared up, and played a hula hoop circle. For those who have never done a hula-hoop circle, it's entertaining to watch. Everyone stands in a circle holding hands, a hula hoop has to be passed around the circle, which means you have to step through it, put it over your head and slide it down your arm to be able to pass it to the next person. This is somewhat difficult for those of us with bad hand-eye coordination as I tend to always manage to somehow trip over the hula hoop and then smack myself in the face with it. Fun times. No, really, fun times. The girls managed to pass the hula hoop all the way around the circle (of about 18 people) in 1:29. Not bad for a first time! We are having them come up with ways to get it around faster for Monday when we try again. I may sit that round out so they will shave off about 30 second of me struggling through the hula hoop.

After our program was over, we realized we had one ice cream cake left, so Kurt and I went back to his place, sat down and promptly devoured it. Kurt put up this handy picture to show everyone just how much damage we did (in about 5 minutes no less).

I do have to say that Kurt ate the end where the smiley face is haha.

After I woke up from my sugar coma, I hopped in my car and drove to my other job. As I was walking in, my manager stopped me to inform me that I would be spending a fair amount of time on a ladder tonight as we are getting ready to launch a new product and have to re-do the store. Yay! I, thankfully, don't have a fear of heights...  Awesome! My job was to get the "toppers" down, switch out the pictures, and then replace said "toppers". Toppers are basically plexi-glass displays that, besides being rather bulky and awkward to take down from the top shelf on the wall, simply sit near the ceiling and look pretty. Anyway, in order to switch out the toppers, I had to climb the ladder, stretch and rock the topper off the shelf (most have weights on them that hold them in place, but there isn't enough room to grab the toppers from the sides, so one has to push up from the bottom and then try and slide your fingers underneath it to pull it out), and carry it back down the ladder. Then, I would switch the picture, climb back up the ladder with the topper and maneuver it back into place. I did this 26 times. I counted.  I also managed to drop a topper on my head. Ouch. I'm pretty sure that this counts as stair-climbing and weights- I'm just saying. If I'm sweating, then I'm burning calories. Burning calories = exercise to me. Therefore, my cross-training and weights were done at work tonight. Hooray for multi-tasking!

I'm feeling kind of antsy because I didn't go for a run today, but my body needs to recover a bit. Tomorrow is supposed to be my rest day, but I may just do another 2 mile run just for the heck of it. And depending upon my work schedule for the weekend, I will decide if I'm doing my long run on Saturday or Sunday. I want to do 5+ miles this weekend. I would really like to do 5.5, but I will settle for 5.

My plan for next week is this:
  • Monday- 3 mile run
  • Tuesday- 3.5 mile run
  • Wednesday- 4 mile run
  • Thursday- Cross Training/Weights
  • Friday- Rest
  • Saturday- 3 mile run
  • Sunday- 5+mile run

I figure I will keep it like that for next week. For the following week I have my 5k, on Saturday April 23rd, I won't do as many runs so I can make sure I'm rested properly. (I figure two 1-2 miles runs early in the week will be good.) I'm excited and nervous for the 5k. I want to do it in 40 minutes or less, which is a big deal for me, so I need to let my body rest. Here's hoping I can make my goal!


Victoria Elizabeth said...

Your training plan looks great!! An oh my goodness I want ice cream cake so bad now!!!

CupCake said...

Thanks! :) The ice cream cake was amazing. Especially when I hadn't had one in SO long! haha