Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kind of Bummed

Ick, Ick, Ick, Ick.
What a disappointing run I had today!
That's about what I looked like after my run.

I was exhausted today but I knew I needed to do my long run for the week. My goal was 5 miles. I mapped out a course to my grandmother's house again and decided to go at it. Just before I was about to head out, my brother's girlfriend decided she wanted to come with me. Awesome! She used to do cross country running when she was in high school, but hadn't really been keeping up with it lately. I told her the plan and we started off. After the first 1.25 miles, I decided I wanted to take a different route (mainly because I didn't feel up to tackling the ginormous hill at mile 2). We took a few side streets and ran through the center of town, past the police station and then up a few smaller hills to my grandma's house.

Sadly, with my change of route, I lost a mile and only ended up doing 4.08 miles. Bwah bwah!
To make it even worse, it took me 68 minutes to run the 4 miles. Double Bwah Bwah. :(

I know that 4-5 miles is a long run for me right now, and that even though my short runs have gotten faster, my long runs are still going to take some time before I start to drop significant time. I know this, really I do, but I'm impatient. And I also accept that I was rather tired, part of why I changed my route in the first place, so of course my time was going to be slower. I understand that everyone has up days and down days, and that, apparently, today was a "bottom-of-the-friggin-pit" kind of day for me. Argh. I want to go faster NOW!

On the up side, I am proud that my endurance is getting much better! I can run longer periods of time before I have to stop, so out of the 4 miles today, I ran about 3 miles total. That makes me a little happy at least (it's the silver lining of my rainy running cloud I suppose ). 

EDIT:  I also just officially registered for my 2nd 5k in May. Check out my dailymile widget to the right (and feel free to add me).

Questions of the Day:
  1. What was your most disappointing run and what did you do to overcome/fix it?
  2. Have you ever had to alter a running route while running? If so, why? 


Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I've altered routes mid run due to weather, injury, short on time, and just plain bored of the scenery.

And as I already told you, don't get bummed about one slow run. If you keep running slow for the next two weeks, then you have a license to complain. Impatience will get you hurt (just look at me).

Nej said...

I've changed my route due to dogs....fog (that street was uber creepy)....and a wipe out (thanks to an unseen pothole). I've found some really great routes because of them though! :-)