Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Will Survive

Hello all of my lovelies!! 
I hope everyone has been having a great weekend, I know I have been.

We've been having some rather gross and rainy weather (we even had hail the other day!). However, when I woke up yesterday the sun was out and shining. I strapped on my new sneakers and went for a run. I decided not to time myself or plan on any specific mileage- I simply ran. I concentrated solely on increasing my endurance, forcing myself to keep going when I wanted to stop. I managed to run the first 1.45 miles before I took a quick walk break (about 2 minutes) then I picked up the pace again. I ended up only stopping twice to walk during my run.

Out of the 3 miles I did, I ran a total of 2.55miles! 
For me, that is ASTOUNDING!

My finishing time was 45:20 or so but I'm okay with that considering I almost got hit by vehicles a few times and had to wait at cross walks, etc. When I started feeling tired, I would slow my pace down to a trot but continue on as best I could. I'm actually super proud of myself. My new shoes, whether they played a part in my better running endurance or not, are fantastic. My feet were a bit sore after my run (because they are still getting used to the shoes) but my knee has been fine so far. I'm planning on going for a longer run tomorrow- I'm shooting for 5 miles. Hopefully the weather will be better and not so spastic.

A quick congrats to those who ran some races this weekend, including  Wells L who had her Half Marathon. You go girl!

Also, stay tuned because I will soon be having MY VERY FIRST GIVE AWAY!!!


Wells L said...

First, thanks for the shout out - you're beyond awesome! Recap to come soon. Next, WOW - you freakin' go girl! Running for the run of it - yep, that's what makes you amazing! I'm so proud of you. I've learned that lots of runs during training are NOT for time, they are for distance, or endurance, or to improve something (like form or even just your confidence). Way to go woman - be amazing!

Chelsea said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go love :-)

Lisa Staples said...

That's awesome! When I started running, I never worried about the time. You gotta get use to running first right! Glad to hear your run went well!

I plan on having a giveaway on my blog soon. Just need more followers! So tell your friends!

KT80 (Running Like a Girl) said...

Yeah! I love when I feel that way about myself. Your new shoes are super cute too!

savedbythebrew said...

Awesome job!!!