Monday, May 23, 2011

The Mail's Here!

I got home from work tonight and opened the door to a pile of mail on the kitchen table. As I sorted through the pile looking for my letters/bills/etc, I came across a small package with my name on it. I tore it open to see

I immediately broke into a celebratory dance and did a photo shoot

This is my pink whirly one!

And this is my motivational Bodi Band- SASSY!!

I'm BEYOND excited and cannot wait to try them out on a run tomorrow. My run for yesterday and today was cancelled as my body decided it hates me (for multiple reasons- BOO!). Needless to say I spent most of last night alternating between an ice pack and a heating pad across my abdomen (I despise cramps) to help with the pain. 

Today was much better than yesterday was though- pain wise anyway- so I'm hopeful that tomorrow I will be almost back to normal. I've already mapped out a new route in my head that I want to run. It's 4.3 miles and I'm excited to run it especially with my new shoes and new Bondi Bands. WOOT!!

Sorry it's a short post today- I will have a longer one after my run when I can review my Bondi Bands and give you details about my First Give Away!


Wells L said...

Those are super cute and sassy, indeed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bondi bands!!!!!! They absorb the sweat and keep the little hairs out of my face sooo well!!!! When you take off your bondi band- you'll be shocked at how sweaty it is - pretty gross!!! Hope you feel better - kick ass tomorrow on your new route with your new shoes while wearing your new bondi band!!!!

SeeAliEatSeeAliRun said...

I loooove Bondi Bands! Yours look super cute!! Love it!

MrsQ318 said...

I need to order some bondi bands... the flimsy little headbands I've been using just aren't cutting it!

Anonymous said...

Super, duper cute!! Love it!

Fruit Fly said...


My little message on my phone's main screen says "Just Keep Running". It matches your band now!