Sunday, July 31, 2011

Disappearing Act

It has been one hell of a week.
So, I'm heartfully sorry my darling followers!
Sorry that I haven't had a chance to update. I know some of you were worried (I got comments and emails- and I'm flattered :) )

On top of working more than normal, I also have been dog sitting since Friday. The dog I'm watching is super adorable and fun to play with, it's just that her house is about 40 minutes away from mine, so travel has been interesting. I've put about 500 miles on my car since last Sunday, which wouldn't be too bad, except my car is a lease. I mean, I decided when I leased it that I was going to opt to buy it after my three years is up because I like the car, but 500 miles?! That's crazy!!

To Summarize:
-Drive to work (2 programs a day) and home again x5
-Drive to gym and home x1
-Drive to other job and home again x3
-Drive to Dog sitting house and home x3 (to get key and driving home from work Sat and Sun night)
-Drive to grocery store x3

That's way too much driving, even when I simplify it like that.

Anyway, suffice it to say I got only 2 short runs in this week. Oh well. I've given up on giving myself a hard time for missing training. Life happens and I just have to deal. My goal for this week is to run between programs (as opposed to sitting in Borders or shopping like I usually do). That way I can get some mileage in since I won't be near my gym for most of the week (I'm dog sitting till Wednesday).

More updates to come soon when I can sit for more than 5 minutes (and not fall asleep).


Wells L said...

It's always good to hear from you. it's alright to be busy, I was just hoping you weren't sick or hurt or had something bad happened. I understand busy!!! Glad you got 2 runs in despite what sounds like a very hectic week!!!!! Welcome back to the blogggy world - we missed you :)

Wells L said...

Your comment was so thoughtful on my blog - thanks!
To answer you question, I own 3 pairs of compressions sleeves (I got sleeves instead of socks so that I could still wear my toe socks which are the only thing that have kept blisters at bay). My first pair I got here:

My second pair I got at the Zensah vendor at the Women's Half Marathon expo.

My third pair I got on Amazon.

couple of quick things - they should be about $39.99 so if you find them for like $16 or $20 - double check that they are not just selling you one rather than a pair (amazon's sold them in singles - who needs just one???). Second, I'm a big girl so I thought as a big girl I needed the l/xl size, but the compression sleeves are sold by height. I'm 5'6.6" tall which really is the size for s/m (compression sleeves are the ONLY thing I own in s/m). I own 2 s/med size and one l/xl pair - so much prefer the smaller size - they aren't any tighter, they are just shorter so they don't go down past my ankle and all the way up to my knee.
Last thing about them - I LOVE THEM!!!!! I highly recommend them. In the not scorching hot summer months, I wear them for my long runs and the day after. I wore them for 24 hours on Sunday because my calves were sore from my 5K on Saturday (who knew they could help my legs feel better after a 3 miler?)- Lifechanging!!!!
Good luck!

Tiffanyblue_girl said...

I too was concerned. Especially since I hadn't heard back from you about my project you're helping with. Think of it this way, better to be busy than sitting on your butt being lazy! Don't worry you will get into the swing again and you will look back on this last week and not really dwell on the negative.

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

@Wells L- you rock my socks! haha! Thanks!

@Tiffany- I'm working on it. I haven't had much free time, but I'm almost done with it. Sadly, sometimes they take awhile to get them to look right.