Friday, January 20, 2012

Gluten Free 3

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Is anyone else glad the work week has finally come to a close? I know I am!
The only small down side is that my long run outside tomorrow will have to be postponed because we are supposed to be getting 6-8inches of snow throughout the day. Yeesh!

Anyway, work has been crazy as usual, but I love it. I got to meet 4 new groups of girls this week and so far, they all seemed to like the activities I had planned out. (Did I mention I work for a non-profit group?) It's been keeping me busy busy busy! But, I still managed to get in 1 night of Zumba and 2 nights of Wii Just Dance 3. Hooray! Sadly, no real running this week, unless you count all of the running around I did for work... *insert drum hit here*. Corny, I know. I can't help myself sometimes.

In other news, week 3 of gluten free is going pretty well. I went out to hibachi/sushi with a group of friends the other night for a birthday dinner and managed to make some very good, gluten-free choices. For those who may not know, I LOVE SUSHI/HIBACHI!! However, going gluten-free means I cannot enjoy terriyaki or soy sauce.. so I had to be smart with my choices. No hibachi for this kid. I did, however, enjoy two very yummy rolls- spicy salmon and an ocean roll that had practically every type of sushi in it rolled in white seaweed with cucumber and avocado.


I also passed on the fried ice cream (seriously, I'm SO proud of myself for that- I should get a medal or something).

The other day, I stocked up on some more gluten free foods at Ocean State- some more pasta and crackers, along with some ginger snap cookies and gluten free granola! Holler! Even though I do have some cracker/cookies/granola... most of my snacking has actually been fruits and vegetables/hummus. I've had salad for lunch 3 of the 5 days this week and, overall, I just am feeling healthier. I may extend my gluten-free expirement another 30 days, just to see if there continues to be improvement in energy/digestion/etc.

How is everyone else doing with their goals so far?


Wells L said...

Yay for 3 weeks - how you feeling and doing? Easier? Still hard? Kudos to you for efforts - you go girl - you're doing awesome!!!!

I too haven't gotten a run in this week - so unfortunate, but I feel happy that I have just made it to Friday (TGIF) - sometimes surviving a week is all I can do . . . tomorrow (if the snow isn't too bad) I'm doubling up again with Body Pump and Zumba.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

"I originally started this Blog in an effort to spend 90 days simply focusing on myself and what I could do to find Happiness"

I wish you lots of success however I'd like to offer up a bit of advice - finding happinesss is not what its about. Embracing life as it comes and accepting situations for what they are and embracing reality is where it is at. As for happiness, it is in serving others that you find happiness, if you only focus on yourself, you will always have an empty spot inside of you, no matter what you may convince yourself of.

"It is in giving that we receive" - St. Francis, Go here for full words:

Wishing you abundance of life, and peace!