Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anyone Want Some Cookies?

There really isn't an excuse for my behavior. There never is.

It's just life and lack of time-management skills that prevents me from updating my blog. Too bad I can't update it telepathically because, if that was the case, I would have already posted at least 5 updates by now. That's right, sometimes I start blog entries in my head, but never get a chance to actually sit down and type them out.

Anyway, part of my current disappearing act was that it is GIRL SCOUT cookie time! Hooray!
No, I did not dive head first into a box of Tagalongs... though I very much would like to do so. I actually work for the organization and have been relentlessly doing programming with my girls and collecting their cookie sale info. This week, the boxes come in and I get to run delivery nights for 3 different towns to come and get their boxes. Woot! It's fun, but it makes for some very long days and very little free time.

On top of that, I'm currently on the tail end of a double ear infection and monster sinus infection. I mean, MONSTER. To the point where, everything was so compacted in my head that my face was swollen and it hurt to touch. Youch! However, I'm almost done with my meds and I am feeling better. I'd say I'm now, finally, at about 85%. So, even though I have my first 5k of the year this Saturday, I haven't run in two weeks. Ugh! I am planning on going to the gym tonight though. I get out of work late, so on my way home, I'm going to hit the gym and do a quick 1-2 miles. I'm not going to push myself, just want to make sure my lungs/sinuses can handle it. I think they can, but we shall see!

Today, I posted on my facebook how I need some serious motivation and people to keep on top of me. I'm still battling the same 10lbs and I'm just tired of it. I want them gone and done with. It's been almost 6 months and I'm stuck on this horrid weight plateau! GO AWAY 10lbs!!! I'm so close and there's no excuse as to why I haven't dropped them yet, other than sheer laziness and lack of dietary discipline. I'm kind of fed up with myself, to be completely honest. I feel like I'm letting myself down and it makes me angry.

So, now I'm trying to pump up my determination and motivation to get back on track.
I'm giving myself bribes, which do you think will be the best?

If I drop these 10lbs, I can:

-buy a new pair of shoes
-treat myself to a day at the beach
-throw myself a party
-get myself a really nice mani/pedi

As much as I would like to treat myself to all of the above, I feel that that just isn't doable.
So, I'm polling all of you lovely readers to help me decide which would be the best Goal-Getter option.

Let me know in a comment!


Charlotte said...

I'm also back in the game, I just signed up for sparkpeople again. Ugh! We can do it!

Trish said...

I gotta go with shoes too! Shoes, not diamonds are a girls best friend ;)

Wells L said...

Hugs friend! Hang in there life- life happens and it's a challenge, but keeping up the positive vibes will help :)

10 pounds suck - I have like 100 pounds that suck!

I like your reward options but I think the thing that would be most meaningful is the shoes . . .here's why - you'll have them (a day at the beach, a party and nails are all temporary and won't be there for you to look at and keep you motivated - you'll have the shoes for a long time to remind you of the effort and accomplishment . . . and maybe the next 10 will lead to a new pair of jeans to go with those cute shoes :)

Good luck - and know we miss you in the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

I vote for shoes because when you wear them you can say, "I lost 10 pounds for these!"

P.S. I feel you on the Girl Scout cookies. It breaks my heart when I have to walk by those cute girls and completely ignore them, but my waistline will thank me for it later (I hope!)

Suz and Allan said...

My vote is for the shoes too!

Stephanie Anne said...

Good to hear from you! I vote for shoes or a beach day!