Monday, March 26, 2012

New Shoes

It has been decided!

You all voted and to reward myself once I lose these pesky 10 pounds, I will reward myself with a new pair of shoes. Sweet!

I already bought myself a new pair of running shoes (they come in tomorrow!!!!) so I will buy myself a new pair of heels. HOORAY!

Anywho, I did my first 5k of the 2012 year this past Saturday. It was the Savin Rock Half Marathon and 5k. It was absolutely gorgeous out! And even though the wind made it feel a little chilly while I was waiting for the 5k to start, it felt nice when I started running. The course was 1.6 miles out and 1.5 miles back, all along the coast/shore. Yep, I got to spend my Saturday morning running along the beach- it's okay to be jealous ;)
I was dragging from being on my feet non-stop all week long and having worked over 50 hours, but I managed to finish in about 44 minutes. I actually crossed the line before they changed it over for the half marathoners. Go me!

It felt really good to run a race again. I took it slow and just enjoyed the view around me. Such a nice, flat, pretty easy first race of the year for me. I came home, showered, and promptly registered for another 5k in May. It's the Color Me Rad 5k in Hartford. Check it out HERE- how awesome does that look?! I'm so excited for it!

I've got another super busy week this week, but I'm hoping my new shoes coming in will give me the motivation to get back out there and get some runs in. I'm aiming for 2 runs before Sunday.  
That's my goal- can I do it?! What do you think?


Wells L said...

Can you do it? YES!!!!! New shoes can definitely motivate you.

New heels - NICE!

I am jealous your first race of 2012 was gorgeous and along the beach. My first race this year was -2* with 30 mph headwinds and snow . . . so yeah, jealous! Congrats on getting the first one done for the year - isn't racing the BEST.

You're doing the Color Me race . . . NICE. I saw it for the first time discussed on gourmetrunner's blog and thought HOW COOL!!!! I can't wait to hear all about your experience . . .LOTS of photos!!!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Awesome motivator!

I've been giving serious thought to the Color Me Rad event (especially with today's Groupon). I just don't know if I'll be ready for it.

Stephanie Anne said...

yay for new shoes!

the color looks fun, im thinking about the shamrock duathlon instead..,