Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thank You, Kara Goucher

I ran yesterday. And, boy, did it feel nice. I went out and did a nice, easy run of 2 miles. Took a slow pace for most of it. The only exceptions were when I pushed my pace up the two hills on my route, and then when I sprinted the ends of each mile. I was pouring sweat when I was done, but it felt great! And, I finished under 30minutes. Woohoo!

I've been lacking motivation again lately (surprised? I didn't think so.) It's so hard for me to get back into a routine when work is killing all of my energy. I work with kids all day, every day. I love it, but it is EXHAUSTING. Being high-energy all the time is great- it's almost like a workout in itself, but by the time I get home, I want to curl up in bed and just sleep. It's also hard to wake myself up early to try and run, but this is nothing new. I'm just not a morning person and I'm okay with that.

I was talking with my boyfriend the other night about how I feel I have been slacking WAY too much for my upcoming race in October and how I'm considering not doing it and just using the extra time to prep for the Disney Princess race in February. I hate that I even thought that- it makes me feel like such a quitter. Ugh! Anyway, my boyfriend told me not to give up just yet. He said to wipe the slate clean, get back on the wagon, and see how I do over the next few weeks. If, by the time I hit September, I'm not feeling ready, then to wait till February. But, if I work through my road blocks and get back in the game, he would be there to cheer me on (for both races).

So, I pulled out a book I had almost forgotten I'd bought- Kara Goucher's Book: Running for Women.

I cracked it open and started reading. I eventually got to the pages where she talks about her set backs and how she sometimes has periods where she has a hard time doing her trainings. Then, she put in a great list of suggestions to help make training a little less cumbersome. One thing she suggested was to change wording- instead of saying "I'm going to do 4 run days this week,", change it to "I'm giving myself 3 rest days this week,". She said it's almost like reverse psychology. I'm going to start trying that possibly. If not aloud, then at least in my own head.

Another thing she suggested was mixing up your training a bit (especially when you find it hard to stick to a particular schedule). For instance, I know I have to do 3 runs and a cross training/walking day. However, instead of making it every Tuesday is a short run, every Thursday is a tempo, etc, to try and mix it up as it fits into my week. That way you don't stress as much or get so down on yourself if something unexpected happens on Tuesday and you can't make a run.

One last thing she advises is to give yourself a break! (Seriously!) If you are scheduled to do an 8 mile run, but you feel you can't do it- just go out for a one mile run. First off, one mile is better than no miles, and , secondly, once you are out and running the chances are you will start to feel better and extend your run a bit on your own.

I've only read like 5 chapters in the book, but it made me feel so much better about my training road blocks. Just knowing that Kara Goucher hits some hurdles herself makes me feel that what I'm going through is perfectly normal. And that's comforting. It makes me think that maybe I can get back on the bandwagon and do ING Hartford in October afterall. 


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love reverse psychology :) I agree with your boyfriend, don't give up yet. Use a little reverse psychology and see what happens.

Allison D. R. said...

If you decide to do ING Hartford, I'll be right there with you doing my first 1st 1/2, proudly registered in the Athena category!

I've had some of the same lack of motivation and constantly have to remind myself to cut me some slack! Also, hubby's good for reminding me to not be so hard on myself. Training schedule had me down for 3.5 miles on Sunday. Got out there and squeaked out a slow, crappy 2.6 before I gave up. Felt all peppy the next day, though, so I added the "missing" 0.9 to that day's mileage!

Can you run after work? I used to struggle to get up in the morning to run. Then I said screw it and started running after work to get rid of work-day frustrations (human services...totally sympathize with the great but exhausting work). Feel MUCH better, and I get to sleep in the extra hour!

KT80 (Running Like a Girl) said...

I am signed up for the Princess. It would be neat to have bloggers get together. I'm not sure who plans that or how, but I know it's happened at other races. What do you think?
Kara Goucher is definitely great. I have that book, and it's a good one!