Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm Going to be a Princess and Give Away Winner

As of last Friday night, I am officially registered for the
2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon.

My boyfriend and I are making it a huge birthday/vacation/running extravaganza! I will be in Florida from February 16th through February 26th (the race itself is on the 24th). I'm so excited I can hardly see straight!
We booked our hotel, dining reservations, airfare, and race registration. This is REALLY happening! AHHHHHHH!!!! Any other bloggers out there going to do the same race? It would be awesome to get to meet up with some of you amazing people! Looking at our dining reservations, I just have to be very careful that I don't overeat the days leading up into the race (which is going to be so hard to do while we are on the Disney cruise!). I'm going to need all the strength I can muster... or I'm just going to have to utilize the fitness center and pools as much as possible- that sounds like a better plan.

I've decided (as was my previous plan) that I'm going to try and dress like Ariel for the run (it is a tie between her and rapunzel, but I would look horrible as a blonde!). Purple top, green sparkle skirt, green compression socks, and green shoes. I may or may not also dye my hair bright red the week before the trip (so it doesn't bleed everywhere when I'm actually running).

This means I really need to be serious about my training. I keep saying it over and over again, but life continues to get in the way. What happened to the discipline I had last year?! I miss it. Tonight I'm going to do some cross-training to get myself back into the swing of things. Then, Thursday morning I'm doing a 3 mile run. Saturday or Sunday (depending upon weather) I'm going to do an 8mile run. I should be doing a 10 mile, but since I haven't run at all this past week and a half, I don't want to jump back in too soon and hurt myself. I'm going to listen to my body and take it slow. That's really all I can do! I need y'all to help keep me on track- if you don't see me updating, please shoot me an email and make me feel guilty!

I think part of the reason I keep slacking on my training is because I'm scared of hitting double digit runs. I shouldn't be, considering I did them last year, but I think I'm psyching myself out because sometimes I have really great long runs and sometimes my body is so tired that my long run is horrible and it depresses me.. Any advice on how to stop that? I could use it.

In other news, the MDA Lock-Up fundraiser was a great success! A HUGE thanks to everyone who donated as $600 was raised. The page is still up for another month or so if anyone else would like to contribute. However, the winner of the Mystery Loot Give Away is Jessica Hill! She wins a gift certificate to Lululemon and an array of goodies that will pamper and delight!

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who particpated!

Happy last week of summer!!


Jessica said...

A half is on my one day list. And I would LOVE to do the Disney half! Your trip sounds awesome!!!

I am excited to be the winner and way to go on raising $600!!!

Suz and Allan said...

Hooray for signing up for the Disney Princess Half and congratulations on raising $600!