Monday, January 2, 2012

First Run of the New Year

I got in a run today!


My friend Tina and I got together and went to the gym today (probably not the best idea because it was jam packed with people working on their own New Year's resolutions- but I managed to snag a free treadmill). I was only going to do a short 1.5 mile run, but I hit 1 mile by 12:40 and I felt good, so I decided to keep going. Considering how out of shape my lungs are from this stupid cold-thing that won't leave, I'm actually pretty proud that I made it to 3 miles in 44:32. Not as fast as I would like, but not bad considering I am sick and I haven't really run in a loooooooooooooooooong time.

After my run, I cleaned my machine and headed to the weights. I focused on my back and shoulders today doing back extensions, lat raises and a few others. I decided to up my weights from what I had been doing so I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow. It's all good though- it was nice getting back into my old routine. Tina and I are going to the gym again tomorrow morning. I'm planning on another 3 mile run and then some bicep/tricep work. I'm trying to take advantage of as much running time as I possibly can right now, while at the same time trying to make sure I don't overdo my runs and wear myself down before I can really get started again. I'm still kind of disappointed in myself that I slacked off after I finished the half marathon. Especially because having had so much time off, my endurance (the little I had built up) has suffered. Grrr!

Here is my ideal workout schedule or this month (we will see if I can stick with it):

I am planning it for just one month to see if I need to update/change anything as I progress in it. My goal is also to do my workouts in the morning... which means I'm going to have to start getting up earlier. Boo!! Oh well, if I want to accomplish my fitness goals for this year, it needs to be done, right? Right.

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Lisa said...

Yay for getting the first run done for the year AND we're twins - we both have the horrible respiratory virus that won't.go.away and we both ran 3 miles in 44:30ish minutes. Woo - go us!!! I knew I liked you!!! 2013 - we're meeting so get ready :) HA!

I LOVE the way you worded your schedule "ideal workout schedule". I wrote a post (not yet published) that indicates the schedule I really want (and need) to follow, but SH*& happens and for example I was stuck in the office until 8 p.m. last night - I couldn't do anything about it and thus it would have screwed up my plan. I like that you call it your "ideal" plan - I'm going to borrow that wording, ok? Watch for my upcoming post detailing my "ideal plan".
Hugs girl -hope you feel better soon and you get to do most of your plan.