Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not too Shabby

I'm currently sitting at my desk, having just gotten in from rehearsal. I made myself a small salad and decided, while I (finally) have a free minute to myself, I should update. (Also, Kurt reminded me at rehearsal to update, so- Thanks Kurt!)

Today was another day of the same ole same ole. I worked, hunted down some more things I needed for my costume, finished some last minute holiday shopping, picked up the keys I needed for the place I will be house-sitting next week, showered, changed and got dolled up for rehearsal.
Rehearsal was good, I'm enjoying doing the dancing, I'm just sad it's the only physical fitness I have time for in my schedule right now. (I don't think walking around the store for 5 hours really counts, though sometimes I do break a sweat).

And now I am sad because I just dropped my salad all over my floor because I accidentally knocked it off my desk. 5 second rule applies, right? :( SADNESS!!!!
That was the last of my lettuce too. Argh! I guess my Gatorade will have to tide me over till morning.

Anyway, things I have eaten today:

a handful of cheez-its (roughly around 13 crackers, which is the serving size oddly enough): 150 calories
a handful of strawberry peanut butter m&ms: roughly around 240 calories
3 molasses chicken legs (the tiny, party size): around 350 calories
small salad with deli sliced buffalo chicken and a teaspoon of peppercorn ranch dressing: around 400 calories
low calorie gatorade: 45 calories
3 glasses of Smart Balance fat free milk: 330 calories

Grand total: 1515 calories

I don't think that's too bad. I just need to start taking a protein shake to work with me so I don't snack on random things during my break. I'm proud I kept the serving sizes small though so the calories didn't add up at all. I also drank around 8 glasses of water today, so yay me!

As far as exercise goes I walked for 5 hours today, but it was at a very slow pace, so I'd say that burned around 500 calories (I was loading and unloading large boxes of product as well, so that counts too). Then I did dance, sporadically, for about 30 minutes, which burned about 300 calories.

Grand total: about 800 calories burned.

Not too shabby I suppose. I would like to get it to wear I am burning at least 1000 calories a day.

I forgot to purchase my body band today so I could start my new toning routine. I have it on my list to do so for tomorrow though- along with working, wrapping presents, rehearsal, etc etc.

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