Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Short Posted Apology

I know I always use the same excuse, but I truly have been BEYOND busy lately. Working in retail is a hectic schedule, as some people may know. I've been trying to snag as many hours as possible, then most of my other free time is devoted to show rehearsals and running.
But, here's a short update as to how things have been going:

I ran and COMPLETED a 5k run on Dec. 12th :) My friends and I ran it in 47min. (Well, they could have really run it twice over in that amount of time but they ran with me at my pace, so it was slow moving). We dressed up as reindeer, as it was a Christmas run. We even got interviewed on one of the local news shows, so I have legitimate proof that I was at the race and ran in freezing rain. The cold wasn't too too bad, but the being wet and weighed down by water part I could have done without haha. All in all, it was a good time though. And I can cross that off my bucket list. Now, I just need to find the free time to get back into the gym and continue running. Oy.

My nutrition has been better. I've tried to cut down on my car intake, which has definitely helped me. I added more vegetables and proteins to my daily foods, so I tend to stay fuller, longer. I also found that my body tends to not be able to digest carbs very well. From what I understand, carbs, when broken down, turn into glucose which are then absorbed by organs for energy, etc. My body has a glucose intolerance, meaning when my organs are supposed to be taking in all of the glucose for energy, etc, they don't and it just sits in body, floating around like excess waste. So, cutting down on carbs is helping me a lot. I still try to make sure I get at least 1-2 servings of whole wheat or something similar, a day so I'm not depriving myself of nutrients though. My eating schedule has shifted a bit as well. Ive found that, even though I eat something quick for breakfast before I go to work at 10, I don't tend to get hungry until around 4 or 5. And then once I get home from rehearsal at 1030, 1100, I'm ravenous.

On the exercise front, I've found (in fitness magazine) a few new toning and sculpting exercises I would like to try out. I just have to invest in a body band, so that is now officially on my Christmas list.

Oh! Exciting news for me! We were trying on costumes for the show tonight and the shirt I ended up getting is a size 1 from Torrid (which means it's a 14/16) and a Large size skirt from Target (the Xhileration brand, which is about a 14). I'm SOOO thrilled, I just had to share!

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Christine Balanda said...

You are awesome girl, running the 5K...would have taken me a lot more than 47 minutes and probably would need a wagon by the end of the race...did see you on the news and was so proud.

And look how you're whittling down those sizes...yipes. Keep it up my friend. Have a great holiday.