Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Slightly More Balanced...

Howdy folks!

Another day, another update for you.
Today was somewhat of a disappointment exercise wise. We didn't even do any dance at rehearsal :( However, I did work for 4 hours today which means I was up and walking around for all that time. Granted I wasn't running or power-walking, but I try to keep moving while in the store. So, I'd say that counts for something, right?

Exercise for the day:

4 hours of slow paced walking: I'd say that's around 300 calories.

Grand total burned: 300 calories

As for food- I had homemade pumpkin pancakes, a protein shake, a tossed salad with (deli-sliced) cheese, roast beef and buffalo chicken. I also had one glass of milk and a burrito from Taco Bell.

Nutrition for the day:

Pumpkin Pancakes: around 200 calories
Salad with deli meats, cheese and dressing: around 500 calories
Strawberry Banana Protein Shake: around 300 calories
Burrito from Taco Bell: 490 calories
Glass of 1% milk: 110 calories
5 glasses of water: 0 calories

Grand total: 1600 calories

Much better nutrition-wise today. And considering I still managed to burn around 300 calories, I think I had a fair balance. I also managed to get in a fair amount of vegetables too. Just have to cut out the fast food.
All in all, not a bad day though. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to step it up fitness wise. I plan on getting some winter running gear and then heading to the park for a run. Yay!

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