Monday, February 28, 2011

It's the Little Things


I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend, I know I did! I had another birthday celebration weekend. This time it consisted of a group of friends and I going down to the casino and having a blast at Margaritaville. Fun times were had by all.

Today I got back on my running schedule. I was supposed to run 35 minutes, but I ended up only running 32 because of time constraints in needing to get ready for work. Some pretty exciting stuff happened for me on the treadmill today though. Let me just preface this upcoming news with a few thoughts: In the book I'm reading, Dawn (the author), mentions how a lot of runners in training never take the time to celebrate their small accomplishments. Everyone is always so focused on how much they have to run the next day that they lose sight of how much they JUST ran. And for some people, especially non-runners, that can be a pretty big deal, you know? I mean, yes, 13.1 miles is a long, long distance for most people, but for someone who's life philosophy used to be "I only run when being chased by something large and deadly", running a mile straight through without having to stop and walk is also a long distance- and it deserves some celebration damnit! Keeping this in mind, I have some news to share.

I am pleased and beyond proud to announce that out of the 32 minutes I spent on the treadmill, I ran 26 of them!

AND... (yes, it does get better!) I ran 1.4 miles without stopping. That was the first 20 minutes of my run! That's the longest I have ever run IN MY LIFE! I've officially hit superhero status!

(Yea, I feel pretty awesome about myself right now)

I finally feel like I've broken through that wall that was keeping me from ever being able to run longer. It's such a great accomplishment for me. (It may seem small to some people who run like 15 miles a day, but try and remember back to when you started running and how that felt. Or any kind of hurdle you have come up against in your training that you eventually managed to break through- that's how I feel right now.) Thanks go out to Chelsea and Kurt for helping me keep going and also for the advice on how to work through my hurdle.

I am going to run another 35 minutes tomorrow, and though my body is sore, I'm hoping I can still run a fair amount of time before I have to stop. Now that I have done it once, I know I can do it again!

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Chelsea said...

That is AWESOME!!! SO psyched for you! This is seriously the hardest part of your training and you are doing an amazing job! I know you are going to reach your goals because you have such an awesome attitude and that is the best thing a runner can have. You are kicking some serious mileage butt! Awesome awesome awesome!!!!!! I HEART everything about this post!