Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Excitement Abounding

Remember on my last post how I was discussing the various types of hydration I was researching? I wasn't sure what method I wanted to use in the upcoming months (I start my official half-marathon training in 2 weeks). Well, it seems fate made the choice for me- I won (Just) Trying is For Little Girls' Nathan Sports Hydration Belt give away! Soon, I will be the very excited owner of a Speed 2 Hydration belt and I cannot wait to strap it on and run!

Also, I was out shopping with my mother the other day and I came across a fantastic pink, short sleeve, Reebok tech shirt. So, I bought it. I intend to wear it this Saturday for my 5k run, depending upon the weather of course. I'm going to be a runner full of awesomeness with my blue shoes, pink socks, gray/green shorts, pink shirt and pink bandana. Yea, be jealous. I will put a picture up of my outfit later because it's going to be just that awesome!

In other, even MORE exciting news (yes, it just keeps getting better) I had to go out to a birthday party Friday night and forgot to bring a change of clothes with me to work. At 8:30, Chelsea, Kurt and I pulled up into a school parking lot to attend a PTA meeting to help promote our latest program. Lo and behold, we were the only ones who showed up for said meeting. We waited for over 30minutes, in a haunted parking lot no less! (The school was built on the same location at the infamous Hartford Circus Fire of 1944). While we were waiting, we heard some strange calliope sounding music playing! We think it might have been a nearby ice cream truck, but the music did play for almost 20 minutes.... FREAKY!

Anyway, after our failed PTA meeting, Chelsea and I dropped Kurt off at home and headed out to our friends birthday dinner. As I said, I had forgotten a change of clothes, so Chelsea said I could borrow some of hers. (Isn't she adorable?!) Let me explain, Chelsea is like a size 6.. I am a size 16. Bit of a difference in clothing, wouldn't you say? But, for some odd reason, Chelsea had some old size 14 things laying around and she threw them at me to try on. I ended up trying on this cute little black dress and it fit! And, IT LOOKED GOOD! It wasn't too tight or anything,  it fit so nicely, so she gave it to me to keep! A SIZE 14 DRESS!! I never thought I would live to see this day! BEYOND EXCITED!!!!! YAY ME!!! WOOT WOOT!!

....Ok, my celebration has died done some... on to the rest of my weekend recap....

I feel bad that I only did a 1 mile run this weekend as I had wanted to run at least 3miles but time constraints and exhaustion overcame me. I suppose it's alright though because I'm supposed to be tapering this week for the 5k. But it's so nice out today, I'm hoping to get in a short 2-2.5 miles. My plan for this week is:

Monday: 2- 2.5 miles
Tuesday: Cross Training
Wednesday: 1.5 mile Tempo
Thursday and Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5k run!

Update: I did complete a 2.55 mile run today. I decided to run to rehearsal again for multiple reasons: it saves me on gas, and it gets my mileage in for the day. Two birds, One stone, Awesomeness abounding! I ran kind of slow, did 2.55 in 46minutes. Blah! Oh well, I will cross train tomorrow, do some ab work, and then run again on Wednesday.

Questions of the Day:

1. Have you ever won a Give Away? If so, what was it?
I just won my first one and I'm thrilled! Can't wait to try it out! 

2. What is your all-time favorite race outfit?
As this will be my first "official" race, I have to say I do like this outfit. Though, the reindeer outfits we wore for the December 5k were rather spectacular, if I do say so myself. Check it out: 
It's the antlers, they totally make the look :)

3. Did you watch the Boston Marathon? Were you rooting for anyone in particular?
I did watch it. I was rooting for Ryan Hall for the men, and multiple women! All in all, a fantastic race!

Edit: I'm also super psyched because over the weekend, I surpassed 20 followers! Yay! And a big thank you to everyone who takes time out to read my blog :)

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