Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who Says Cross Training Can't Be Fun!

 Whoever said cross training is boring never had the cross training day that I just had! And he/she should be jealous!! Originally, my goal was to go to the gym and do the bike and/or elliptical with some weights and core work. But when I woke up today it was all rain and gross and blah out. Makes one not want to drive to the gym... or anywhere, for that matter. So, instead, I decided to pull my Wii console out of my room, bring it down to the living room and pop in my Just Dance 2 game. There is a setting on the game where you can choose how much of a work out you want to do over the course of the day/week, and then you go to it. As you dance, you earn "sweat points"and depending upon what work out level you choose, depends on how many sweat points you want to earn.

I chose to do the "Tough" level, which is actually the middle level, where you have to earn 1000 sweat points in a day/7000 in a week. Easy peasy! My mother and her friend sat down on the couch to watch me embarrass myself on my Wii and I did my first song: It's Raining Men. It took me a bit of time to be able to follow the feet for most of the songs, but my lack of dance experience helped me along. Eventually, my mother and her friend got into it as well and decided to get up and dance the songs with me. Some of the hits we performed were: Proud Mary, Wake Me Up Before You GoGo, Jungle Boogie, It's in His Kiss, TikTok, Hot Stuff, Jump in the Line, and Walk Like an Egyptian.

 As per request, my mother took some photos of my performance for your blog-reading pleasure.
This was one part during the Jump in the Line dance
(check out that awesome leg pop I've got going on! Chelsea would be SO proud!)
Walk Like an Egyptian! (Don't judge my outfit too harshly haha)

Check out all the rocking moves I had going on! (I know, you're beyond impressed. It's okay, I am too.)
We played the Just Dance 2 game for an hour and earned 3,058 sweat points! Take that Wii! We kicked it up not one, not two, but THREE notches for our sweat points! So proud of us and our work out. A few moments after we finished our dancing, my brother came home and decided to bring his Xbox Kinnect downstairs for us to play as well. We did a Kinnect Adventure game which had water sports, a brick-breaker game and an obstacle course. Fun times all around! I'm very happy with all our exercising and I'm impressed that I managed to get my mother, my brother and my mother's friend all up and moving. I fear that a healthy lifestyle is spreading around the house- and I'm LOVING it! Now, I'm off to destroy my abs with one of Chelsea's core workouts. Yay!

Questions of the Day:

1.  What is your favorite activity to do for cross training?

2. Have you ever used a Wii or Xbox Kinnect system for exercise purposes? If so, what games/activities did you do?


Chelsea said...

L-O-V-E the dance workout!!! Especially the pop! Woo Hoo for spreading the fitness love. I am so psyched and proud of you; you are such an inspiration to those around you. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU KICK SOME 5K PATOOTIE THIS WEEKEND!!! Until then enjoy the ab work :-D Remember smiling makes it hurt less!

Wells L said...

First - how could I have not known about you and your awesome blog????? I saw your comment posted on Racing With Babes and had to come over and check you out!!! Yay - totally a new fan here!!!

Second - you go girl with the xtraining. I LOVE Zumba!!!

Wells L said...

Oh, sorry, I'm Wells L from

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

@Chelsea- I'm SO excited for the 5k this weekend. It's going to be awesome and I'm going to meet my PR. I can FEEL it!

@Wells L- Hooray! I love hearing that people are enjoying my blog :) Makes my heart happy! I also love zumba, just can't afford the classes... bwah bwah

Joe R. said...

Yayy wii! So you mean not all video games encourage people to zone out and be lazy? Take that, anti video game people.

ashley elizabeth said...

I just found your blog, and I'm so excited for you! I ran my first half marathon last year, just to say I could do it, and it was one of the best things I ever did - now I am running another one this year! The Wii Fit is one of the hardest workouts I've ever done! Just the balance exercises are tough!

Melissa C said...

Awesome! So fun!

Mountain biking is my favorite cross training, but I don't get to do it much.

I used to be really scared of swimming, so I now do it 3x/week to make sure I don't get afraid again. I still don't like the pool walls because I am weird like that. I don't swim fast at all, so it is actually sort of relaxing, but has really helped my overall endurance.

Tricia said...

love the pics!

Cari Mugz said...

Love this blog... I just bought Zumba for xbox kinect. I like it but I feel stupid because my kids insist on watching me (to spend time with me) so I feel like Im a show girl :) LOL!
I also LOVED the pics...