Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Has Arrived... I Think

I woke up to sunshine this morning!! 
 And warm sunshine at that! 

Today finally feels like a spring day and I'm loving every minute of it. Yesterday was all dreary and rainy, but today is GORGEOUS!

Yesterday I did a very slow recovery run. I did 2.02 miles in 30 minutes. Not too bad, except for the buckets of rain that decided to pour on me around 1.3 miles. Gross. Normally, I don't mind running in the rain, but it was super cold yesterday and the rain just made it miserable. It wasn't the warmer spring rain that I actually enjoy. So, after I finished my run, I immediately got in a scalding hot shower to warm myself up. My mother made me a big bowl of chicken soup and I felt TONS better.

But today, today was absolutely gorgeous! The high was in the 70s but there was a slight breeze in the air. Birds were chirping, the sky was bright blue and the sun was shining! Who WOULDN'T want to go running in that kind of weather?! I decided to do a tempo run today and set out at a much quicker pace than I had been running. Normally, I've been averaging about 14 to 15min/mile for my long runs, and around 13 for my shorter runs. My first mile I really kicked it up a notch and ran a 12:15min/mile. The second mile was slower because my muscles were fatigued and I was running uphill (yay). My second mile was finished in 14 minutes though, which is still incredible for me. As I sprinted back to my house, down a hill of course, I decided to do an extra loop around the block and tack on an additional 0.25 miles. The entire run took 31 minutes, which is awesomeness in a sun-shiny bottle!

I was even more excited because I got to wear my short sleeve tech shirt without a jacket over it today. Little did I know that a bright pink sports bra under a high-lighter yellow shirt is a bad combination while sweating. No wonder I got honked at 3 times today. After my run, I still wasn't completely spent and wanted to be outside for a little longer, so I grabbed my dog and forced her to go around the neighborhood with me. (She's 14 years old and kind of a cranky puppy, but she made it around the entire block! She then promptly passed out when we got back inside.... how I envy her.) To continue with my enjoyment of the spring day, we did our program activities with the girls outside in a field. I really wanted to go for another run after work today, but I got called into my other job so I couldn't go. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as nice and I can at least take my dog for a walk again (tomorrow is my cross training day, which is sad because it means no running- BOO).

On another topic that is somewhat related to warm weather, I've been doing a lot of research on hydration. Soon I'm going to be increasing my mileage (over 5 miles) and I know I'm going to need to take some water with me when I run. I had been considering a camelbak but after my library experience (HERE) I feel that the pack may just weigh me down while I run. I have heard good things about race belts as well, but I don't know how I would feel having water bottles jostling around on my waist/hips. Then, there is the quick grip water bottle. That would be nice because I don't have to wear anything, but gripping a bottle in my hand for multiple miles sounds like a bad cramp waiting to happen. I'm not sure what to choose, so I'm reaching out to you all for some advice and guidance. Decisions, decisions.

Questions of the Day:
1.What is your favorite weather to run in? Warm, hot, colder, rainy, etc)
I enjoy spring weather where it's warm but there is a slight breeze.

2. When the weather is warmer, what do you use to keep yourself hydrated on long runs?
I am considering multiple options on hydration methods for when I start increasing my mileage over the next few months. I currently don't take anything with me, just down my water bottler when I get home.


KT80 (Running Like a Girl) said...

I've never tried them, but I have seen a gum that is supposed to help with hydration and, I think, a type of jelly bean that is supposed to do the same. I just guzzle water when I get home, but I know that as my mileage increases that won't be enough.

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

It's interesting that you mention gum. Today I went with my mother for her 15 minute walk at the track and she popped a piece of gum just as she started walking. When I asked her why, she replied "It keeps my mouth from drying out." It never occurred to me to try that- I'm not sure I could run and chew gum at the same time anyway haha

KT80 (Running Like a Girl) said...

I don't think I could run and chew at the same time, unless I accepted the fact that it would inevitably fall out of my mouth at some point....

Melissa C said...

I'm a new follower! So jealous of your sunny day. I woke up to snow :( Stupid midwest weather...
I have a waist camelback that I really like. I do have to be careful with chaffing when going on really long runs, but for the most part, I have been ok with it. Hopefully now that Aquaphor is my sponsor, I will be able to avoid the chaffing this summer. I have learned that I really do like drinking out of a straw, and am actually going to get a straw system for my bike soon. As far as water bottles go, I think Nathan makes one that you velcro to your hand so that while you are holding it, the velcro does a lot of the work.

Melissa C said...

Oh, I just checked out your library experience. Yeah, that sounds pretty bad. I can tell you that camelbacks have both waist and chest straps to keep them pretty still, but you do have the water in them. I have the standard backpack and the waist pack, and I doubt either weighs 10lbs, excpet for the time I ran with my bike pump and tools too on accident (forgot to empty it). Also, it does get lighter as you run instead of a backpack of books which stays the same (unless you are throwing your books out on the way :) )

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

@KT80- Mine would either fall out of my mouth or, with my luck, just end up getting lodged in my windpipe. Or, I could picture it being a windy day and I somehow managed to accidentally launch it out of my mouth and it ends up getting blown right back into my face, blinding me, and I fall (again) on the side of the road..... No gum for me, thanks. ;)

@Melissa- I'm sorry to hear about the snow. We had plenty of that over the winter, so I can empathize. As far as hydration, I want to test out both the belt and a camelback. I don't know how I would do running with the extra weight, but I'm sure it's something that my body would get used to over time. I do like the idea of the straw though. Thanks for checking out my blog :)