Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I LOVE PINK...and I Don't Mean Victoria Secret

All through my childhood and up until about a few months ago, I DESPISED the color pink.
I thought it was gross and girly and just way too bright for my tastes. I much preferred dark blue, dark purple and (most especially) black. Maybe it was because I was a tomboy kind of girl. Maybe it's because I was "a dark person" as a teacher once said. Who knows why really?

But lately, I've discovered my love for the color pink. At first, it was just a pastel pink that I liked- cute little things that I picked up for my niece such as, stuffed animals, blankets, clothes, etc. Over the past couple of months it has expanded across the whole of the pink portion of the color wheel. Fuschia, rose, magenta, baby pink, cherry blossom, salmon, neon, shocking, etc etc. (Oh how I wish I could find more colors for my fonts.) Now, I have realized (through the help of some friends) that I LOVE PINK!

Which is actually rather perfect because the new running shoes I want are a neon pink (see HERE). And, also, the 5k I am running in May is the Race Through the Park for the American Cancer Society. One of the things they encourage is to wear pink sunglasses and then post a picture from race day on their Facebook page to share your enthusiasm. I do not own any pink sunglasses... well, I didn't own any pink sunglasses, but NOW I DO!!

Not one, not two, but THREE pairs of PINK Sunglasses for my race!

I make them look so hardcore! HA!

As my mother said "Very Marilyn".

All in all, I love them (have I mentioned that yet?) And I have one pair for each mile in the race! WOOT!
Who's excited? THIS KID!

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Chelsea said...

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! You have found a way to combine pink, running, and Marilyn: my 3 FAVE things!! Kudos :-) P.S. Those sunglasses are B.A. in the most glamorous way!