Monday, April 11, 2011


I feel as if I may have completely and utterly destroyed my body. 

No, really. 
It hurts. 
A lot. 
Someone pass me the Icy Hot please. 
 (And a glass of wine.)

So, after my fail-of-a disappointing run yesterday, I decided I was going to take it slow today and just enjoy my run. A short 3 miles was all I had planned. Then, I realized I could save myself some gas if I ran to and from rehearsal tonight. Rehearsal is only 2.5 miles away, so why not do it? I love having these brilliant ideas that end nothing like I expect.

I, once again, strapped on my frisky back pack (I had to carry my sheet music, water bottle and towel somehow) and off I went. It took my 38 minutes to go 2.55 miles there, uphill. Not too bad if I say so myself, especially considering how tired I still was from yesterday's disaster run. And even with the back pack STILL persisting in dancing with me, I feel I made decent time. (Probably because it was only carrying 2-3lbs as opposed to 10lbs this time.) I had a good rehearsal, but, sadly, it meant I was sitting for about 2 hours before I could run back home. Whenever we stood to sing, I would do a couple of stretches, but to no avail. My muscles got tight and stiff. Perfect.

After rehearsal I ran back home. Thankfully, the first half mile was ALL down hill. Sweet! I picked up a bit of speed and cut some time off my first 1.3 miles. Eventually though, my muscle stiffness came back to haunt me and I ended up walking almost all of the last mile. Sadness. I finished the second half of my run in 40 minutes. Yay. Still, not too bad.

I am rather excited that this run, even though it was split up, was a decent one. My times were rather steady (2.55 miles in 38 minutes and 2.57 miles in 40 minutes) and I felt good up until the last mile. My mother wasn't too happy that I was out running around on my own at 9:45pm, but I had my phone, ID and mace with me so I felt safe. It's not something I plan to make a habit of though.

Also, because I ran to rehearsal people were impressed and donated to my cause for the half marathon! I was so excited! So far, I am up to $190!!! HOORAY!  
My goal is $500 by October (check out my donation page HERE