Friday, April 22, 2011

Preparing for Race Day and 25 Followers!

I'm slightly nervous but also very excited for tomorrow's race in Danbury. My ITB on my right leg has been a little stiff, but I've been stretching it out and heating it in hopes that it will be good to go for the 5k. My intent is to finish the 5k in 45 minutes or less. I'm being very generous with my PR. I truly think I can finish around 40minutes, but in case something happens, I'm giving myself a cushion of 5 minutes. (Aren't I just so nice?!) Chelsea is being a sweetheart and is coming to cheer me on (she's also going to possibly take some photos of me running, which should be hysterical to look at!... Which reminds me, I've got to charge my camera!) So, THANK YOU in advance to Chelsea! And wish me luck!!

I am a little sore because yesterday I fell through my parent's glass and wood coffee table. (How's that for a fun story?!) The night before, we had moved the coffee table back against the couch and pushed it so that it straddled the border between the living room and dining room. For those who read my cross training post HERE, you will notice its location in the photos.  Yesterday morning, the table was still sitting in it's new position, just in case we were going to dance again. I was sitting in the dining room on my computer, reading some blogs, when I noticed the time. I needed to get ready for work! So, I closed my laptop, pushed back my chair and stood up. Somewhere in that process, I managed to trip and fall backwards over, onto and into the coffee table. Have no fear- the table itself is fine; I only broke one half of the glass (and luckily did not get it embedded in myself). I'm going to have a nice bruise on my left leg, where my bum and leg connect, but otherwise I came away unscathed (so did the table really). 

Anyway, in other news..... 
I've reached 25 followers! HOORAY!
It is indeed time to celebrate!

I remember one day, as we drove to work, mentioning to Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman that I was slightly down because it didn't seem like people were interested in my blog. I hadn't gotten a new follower in a while and no one was leaving comments. I wondered if my blog was too boring, too random, too amateur, or just plain silly for people to want to read and follow. He reminded me, in his Yoda like way that he has, that I originally started my blog for myself, and to keep writing for myself. When I said that, that is pretty much how I function, he advised me to perhaps go back through my blog and see what posts people commented on the most- then I could work from there. You have to understand, I truly do enjoy writing for my own benefit, it's nice to sometimes go back through and read about my experiences because perspectives shift over time. Something that might have been disappointing to me 2 months ago could seem insignificant now. However, I do love my followers: my followers and their comments are the cherries on my blog sunday. I have to be honest when I say it thrills me to know that people can relate to and appreciate what I'm writing about. It helps, especially on the "down" days, to have people leave comments showing that they support you and either have gone through or are going through the same sort of things. (Remember: Everyone has an "off" running day every now and again.)

So here is to all of my followers.... 

A super HUGE Thank You directly from me for taking the time to read  my blog where I bare it all and where you often share parts of yourself in return. It makes my day! 

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! or a Happy Passover!


Cari Mugz said...

Good luck tomorrow! You will freakin ROCK!!!

Wells L said...

Good luck tomorrow - do your best, but most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Can I just say - when I got married, my husband came into the marriage with those wood/glass coffee and side tables and I've nearly fallen through them a dozen (or more) times. I'm TOTALLY paranoid about doing it. You are so lucky it didn't cut an artery or something else horrible. Girl - you can't get all hurt, I've just found your blog and LOVE IT!