Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Fun Give Aways To Check Out!

A few of my fellow bloggers are doing some awesome Give Aways!
 (Get excited!)

Jaime @ (RDM) Running Diva Mom has FOUR give aways happening! The first is for Bondi Bands. I've never used one but I've read multiple reviews saying that they are fantastic for wicking sweat away from your face and keeping your hair out of your eyes. They also come with different sayings on them, or in solid colors, to match your outfit and personality! There are 3 different headbands that you can receive (I personally like the "I Run Like A Girl" and "Not Fast but Not Last" headbands) Check it out and enter HERE!

Another give away is for some WrightSocks. Jaime was given 4 different styles of athletic socks to try out. The socks have a built-in Anti-Blister System that helps manage moisture and prevent friction (what runner wouldn't love that?!) She is giving away 4 pairs of socks- so check it out HERE!

Her Third Give Away is for Pacific Health Labs sports nutrition pack. A few products she tried and reviewed were Accelerade (sports drink), Accel Gel and Forze GPS Bars. Check it out HERE as two lucky winners are going to get those sports packs chock full of fun (and tasty) stuff!

The Fourth give away that Jaime is doing is for a PINK Air Sports Watch. These watches supposedly improve circulation, boost immunity and speed up your post recovery times. Jaime says they are also easy to set and come in tons of colors (plus, they are super affordable!) Enter HERE and maybe you might win!

Last, but definitely not least, Kim @ (Just) Trying Is For Little Girls is giving away some Chocolate #9! Chocolate #9 is a vegan, organic, agave sweetened energy gel. It is made with Belgium Dark Chocolate and, according to Kim, is one of the best chocolate gels she has tried. Read HERE and enter to win some! (Who doesn't love chocolate?!)

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