Friday, August 12, 2011

How I Know I'm Awesome... Or Changes I've Noticed

Not to brag or anything, but lately I've been feeling pretty awesome about myself. 

"But this doesn't seem to really be a new development for her," you might be saying to yourself. Believe me. It kinda is. I've always had, what is clinically called, shitty self-image. I can be the most positive person on the planet, unless I'm talking about myself and/or my abilities. Then I become an evil green-faced, fanged monster.
 It's not pretty, to say the least.

Anyway, lately, even though I was in a sort of rut with my training, I've been feeling pretty darn swell about myself. And I decided to list the reasons why I feel so amazing. (In no particular order) I present:

Reasons You May Be Awesome-ness Personified
  • People leave flattering comments on your blog/facebook/dailymile/via email and text telling you how you have inspired them to become more physically active.
  • You're mom and dad/other relatives or friends are constantly bragging about all the exercising you are doing.
  • People compliment that you look like you have lost "half a person or so".
  • You had to buy another container to hold all of your workout clothes.
  • You have to hold up your old workout pants and underwear while doing a short run on the treadmill because they are falling off from all the weight you have lost (that was me this morning.... not fun).
  • Even though you possess only a fair amount of rhythm, you are still made dance captain in a show (ok, so maybe this one is just directed at me, whatev).
  • The new shorts you JUST bought at Old Navy are now too big and fall down when you attempt to put anything in your pockets.
  • You have the sweat glands of a 13 year old boy (and a soaked white t-shirt to prove it) and they kick in about 5 minutes into any form of physical activity.
  • You no longer feel tired or sore after a 3 mile run (though you realize you are going to have to push yourself more).
  • You put on a pair of leggings for dance rehearsal and they're now too big so you have to strategically roll them (true story!).
  • You are no longer scared or self-conscious when perusing the fitness section of a bookstore.
  • You willingly decide to do a 30 day ab challenge.
  • You feel pretty ALL the time... even with no makeup while in your pjs and with your hair in some sort of crazy bun.
Ok, so maybe most of these solely apply to me, but still, aren't those exciting factors?! Those are some of the changes I've been noticing lately and they make me feel so happy. I may not be the fastest runner in the world, I may not have the best endurance, but damn if I'm not making some progress with myself anyway. Guess I will keep doing this running thing a bit longer ;)

In other news, this morning I got up at 5:15 AM and met my friend T at the gym. (Can you believe it?! I was up before the sun!!) We each did about 40 minutes of cardio- I did a 2.5 mile run in 38:54 on the treadmill. Then, we did the 12 minute ab circuit room and some arm machines. It was a great workout and I'm pretty sure I will be feeling it throughout the rest of the day. I'm now getting ready to go to work and then tonight we celebrate my mommy's birthday! YAY!!


Kirby said...

I've always known you were an awesome person Kris. I'm thrilled you are seeing it now too!

Yay for being awesome, and YAY!! for realizing it!

<3 Kirbs

Shelley Manning said...

What a great attitude! Confidence makes SUCH a difference in what we are able to achieve! You have every right to be proud of the changes that are happening to you. :) And that is SO funny about the underwear falling off... I had that happen to me in the treadmill one day. It actually slid down and was hangning out from under the leg of my shorts. Had to stop, remove them in the bathroom and finish comando! Isn't it funny how that's the last thing you think about having to replace when you lose weight? Congrats to you!

Chelsea said...

YAY! I cannot even BEGIN to describe how absolutely ECSTATIC it makes me to hear you be so positive!!!! You are and always have been an amazing, beautiful, and ridiculously fabulous person; I am so happy to hear that you are realizing that!!!! Congrats on all the progress. You are an inspiration!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

WE already knew how awesome you were--but it's great to hear it straight from you. Some seriously amazing achievements, wow!!!

orshadow said...

Woo hooo!! That is pure awesomeness!

sammy said...

I loved reading this post. It made me smile how happy you are.

Amanda @ There Are Two Sides said...

This made me so HAPPY this morning! I am so happy I decided to read you first. Totally made my day~

Wells L said...

Congrats on overcoming that clinical diagnosis of "shitty self esteem"! Look at that list, girl! Way to go - I'm jealous and yet oh so proud to be following you on this journey. You're awesome and deserve all the positive vibes you are feeling (and many more!). None of those things on your list happened by accident, you worked incredibly hard to achieve them - keep up the GREAT work!
Long distance HIGH FIVE to ya'!

Stephanie Anne said...

Nice job on feeling awesome & congrats on that weight loss!!

KT80 (Running Like a Girl) said...

I love reading these! :) :)